Thursday, December 07, 2006

isn't this great news?

an email from Poetry Salzburg Review editor Wolfgang Görtschacher:

Dear Michi,

this term I teach a poetry course for second-year students. They have to write a term paper of 8-10 pages analysing one poem. Among other poems published in Poetry Salzburg Review I have selected your poem "Nigel's World Turns on Its Axis" to be analysed by one of my students. In case s/he wants to contact you and ask questions, would you be willing to answer them?

Best wishes
who would have thought, once upon a time, when i said not so nice things about the name nigel, and my dear other spouse angie started the nigel series!? i wonder, does this say something about the state of austrian universities?

song of the day: mad about you by hooverphonic.


megalopoet said...

well... at least the state of the university has caught up with the current state of poetry and now you're the choice of a new generation!

very *ximho*
(or EXciting, in the muse's honor & opining)

congrats, dear! now explain yourself to the minions...

SarahJane said...

hey that's so cool. i think we'll all want to read that paper. congratso!

Liz said...

Michi, real cool will be fascinating to read the analysis : )
A great sign of your poetry : )


Arlene said...

tee hee hell and bones, mittens! not nigel! i'm not sure what that student will think of your —erm— answers. he/she might ask: "what does nigel represent in our modern world?", "why did you choose the name nigel?" and "does nigel suffer from the oedipus complex?" 8-10 pages for one poem is loooooooooooooong. they'll be using my rc boating poem, too. less tricky/ticklish to answer questions on *that*, thank god.

and you're right about redactions! they just replied to my query. they probably know i've got a thing for duration. **gulp**


Sharon Hurlbut said...

Very very cool!! Who knew Nigel would take on such a life of his own?! Congratulations, Michi!