Monday, December 04, 2006

redactions, or: how to make a girl's sleepless night

yes! yes! just when i was about to send an inquiry to redactions magazine, i received a note with the subject line "This Is Just To Say" ...

Congratulations! "Redactions: Poetry & Poetics" would like to publish "Sodium (na)," "scandium (sc)," and "radium (ra)" in its upcoming issue 8/9, due out in February 2007. As payment, you will receive two contributor copies.
and this came a couple of hours after nadam had told me he had two poems accepted by them today. looks like we will be sharing zine space. :)

the three poems redactions accepted are all part of the periodic table series, and ekphrastic poems (ie inspired by / based on paintings).

* * * * *

i woke up sniffling today (yesterday, really, it is 3 am on monday here), with a headache and a temperature, after a horrible night, but still went to reinhard's birthday do - his 40th birthday. though he does not look much different from when i first met him 15 years ago. i'll post a pic when i've got them edited.

* * * * *

oh - and i wrote my first abecedarian today! it's mr mccouch's fault, of course, as usual.

song of the day: the things we never said by the wonderful thea gilmore.
I lipsticked "Fuck You" on the mirror
As a mark of my respect
And wandered out into the street
Well what the hell did you expect
And the old laundrette is hissing our song
Like it doesn't give a damn
And the cars are all french kissing
In some lonely traffic jam
And I've been talking to the radio
Cos it doesn't answer back ...


aka Leonardo Likes Gulls said...


First, congrats on your acceptance with Redactions (YEAH!). I rec'd one recently with them as well, so maybe we'll be in the same issue. I'll look for your poems.

Also wanted to thank you for your note, it made my morning. I've linked you up to my blog as well.

Congrats again on the aceptance. It's so nice when editors send happy mail.

Kelli (R. A.)

Amanda Auchter said...

Congrats on getting your work published! You must include a link when's it available!

Arlene said...

wooohoooo!! congrats on the acceptance! that is sooooooooo cool. i'm still waiting to hear from them — and blah, am discovering that a lot of rejections have been getting lost on their way to me. should i query? when did you send your submission?

hope you're feeling better today!


Lauren Mitchell said...

Congratulations Michi! The titles of those poems sound so intereting! I hope you can post them here on your blog eventually : )

Collin said...

Congrats on Redactions. I know Mike Dockins and he's a great guy and its a great journal!

michi said...

kelli - how nice of you to drop in! thanks for the link too. and congrats on redactions - i suppose we will be in the same issue, and look forward to reading your poems too.

amanda - thanks for visiting here!

anomaly, they know you. they are making you wait a looooooooooooooooooooooooooooong time. ;)

lauren, thank you for the note. i really need to stop by your blog some time soon - been neglecting the blogosphere a little, busy girl that i am.

collin - and thank you for stopping by. i enjoyed reading about your visit to london. make sure you come to vienna at some point.