Friday, November 03, 2006

michi in (winter) wonderland (?)

the weather has gone completely mad. snow flurry, followed by blue sky, followed by rain, followed by sunshine, followed by snow flurry, followed by blue ... you get the idea.

no wonder a girl gets sick.

the good news is - the new all-alice issue of wicked alice is now online, with five of my poems (one of which is a sonnet ... yep. again.). it was a funny coincidence - i wrote a short series of alice poems, and then found out about the themed issue kristy bowen had scheduled for autumn. as if she had been looking over my shoulder. i am thrilled, of course! and i am sharing zine space with some very talented poets, among them the ubiquitous alien alice ang (with five poems too!), my poem-a-day-forum and blogging buddies sarah sloat and liz gallagher, my old poet friend terry lowenstein; shisa poet, shann palmer, lisa zaran, c e chaffin, and rebecca loudon.

go on, step through the looking-glass.

song of the day: white rabbit by jefferson airplane. what else.


Liz said...

Cool song of the day Michi :)

...really dig your Alice poems and the flurry of snowflakes mix-matching with sun :)

Get well soon.


Erin B. said...

Cheers on your work in Wicked Alice.

Sam of the ten thousand things said...

That's good news about your work in WA. Good for you.

I enjoyed the pictures.