Thursday, November 02, 2006


this morning, after less than 15 minutes in the bathroom, this awaited me:


feeling poorly, temperature's up, my throat is totally sore, and i am coughing too. :(

song of the day: doctor blind by emily haines & the soft skeleton. yes. again.


S. Thomas Summers said...

brrrrrrrrrrr. need a blanket?

Arlene said...

yikes. weren't you saying just the other day that it was all warm and sunny?

the temp's dropped down here, too — from 20° a few days ago to 2° last night. where oh where has the mid-season gone?

and god replies: it fell down the gutter with my door keys. stop thinking of yourself! what about memememememememe? how am i supposed to get back to heaven now?

anne: can't you change the commandments to suit the suitation?

god: if you're talking again about my remote. it's out of batteries....


michi said...

thanks for dropping in, thomas! and thanks, i have my hottie. er. hotwater bottle, that is.

* * * * *


you should go see that therapist you wrote about. you are not god, you know. not even your other personae are god. really, they're not.

and yes, re temperatures. 25 last friday. 0 on wednesday. it is mad. snow flurries today, on and off, with sunshine in between. crazy, totally crazy.


Arlene said...

mulled? as in mulled wine? i dare not think what sparked the fermentation and who's drinking you now.

tsk. no doubt you're all coughy from too much cabin steam. god prescribes arm rest. preferably with upholstery.