Tuesday, October 31, 2006

not another october blog post!

another walk - a very, very windy one. more photos. just what you were waiting for, right?


oh and happy halloween where it applies ... from the wicked witch of the east. the veil between the worlds is thin tonight. i might just slip out for a bit ... *S*

it's november in less than two hours - the month of fog and storms. the month of maybe-snow. the month of unexpected sunshine. the month before christmas-madness. the month of the dead. the month of the season's first mulled wine. the month of my birth.

song of the day: the blower's daughter by damien rice.


Arlene said...

what can i say, moochi? that hat of yours is mighty pointy. i bet mccoo will feel sadly inferior. the fact that you've got it on your head.... tsktsk.

"the month of the season's first mulled wine."
hic. i think i just drunk it. and i've got to get my review of valerie's book together, too. hic.

playing billy joel's "vienna" tonight. why's everything so woozy here?


p.s. stop taking pictures of your shoes. it's indecent.

michi said...


that hat is not even my hat. i stole it. on the internet. perhaps it is mccrime's, who knows.

you need to come visit, the guy in front of the tv knows how to make a mean mulled wine.

ah ... that vienna song, eh? kind of linked to mccroon's poem now, isn't it? what with the quote and all.

and re the shoes ... it's you who are indecent. and you know it. and i have the xxx-files to prove it.