Wednesday, November 08, 2006

eight times thirty

i am still getting over my cold - but it seems i picked the perfect three days for being sick and housebound: the weather was very november. yesterday it was much nicer, and today it was sunny and warm. aaahhh!

sunshine suited me fine, but even now that the sun goes down, there is reason to be happy: i finished my eighth round of 30 poems at ITWS today! it's been the toughest round so far, and had it not been for the good vibes and fun at the forum (as well as the highly addictive "report" form), i don't know what would have happened. but who's looking back now? it's done!

here are my titles #19 - #30:

viii.19 - report with salt in old wounds
viii.20 - centre
viii.21 - seascape
viii.22 - Report with blade slicing through time
viii.23 - report, with dessert
viii.24 - small world
viii.25 - Outside
viii.26 - this poem
viii.27 - haiga with clouds
viii.28 - love song in d minor
viii.29 - report with d-cup
viii.30 - Letter #2

also finishing today is mr mccrank who's been especially supportive this round.

other good news:
one of my favourite small press poets who's also a friend of mine has asked me to collaborate with him on a project that sounds very, very interesting. i am sooo going to say yes. and then i will tell you more.

i found some great music recently - e.g. emily haines, the decemberists, band of horses, the tyde, the guillemots, piano magic, the fratellis, nina nastasia. i'm totally smitten with emily haines. love her lyrics, and her voice. do check her out.

song of the day: the crane wife 3 by the decemberists. with thanks to matthew.

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Arlene said...

tsk. housebound. you used that on purpose, i'll bet. i refuse to imagine what you used to bind yourself with.

i can imagine, though, how mr mccling has been supportive of you. he makes my wonder bra, with the electrical wiring, look flimsy in contrast. double tsk.


p.s. did you catch cheryl's comment on my gorilla poem? she naughtily called all three of us (you know who) PERVS. it may be time to write her a wickedpedia entry. **snicker**