Tuesday, November 14, 2006

in the mail

a first birthday card from my old friend melva in mildura, australia - where i spent several weeks picking beans in 1991.

an early birthday present from my wonderful friend rachael near sydney, australia - music, a bag, a pillow case, a sweeeet card - and also a loooooong (yes, airlie beach, *that* long!) letter. big hugs!

rach and me, aaaaaaaaaaaaaages ago, in canberra (better appreciate this, i am risking my life here!)

finally - the summer edition of pebble lake review with work by sarah sloat, nathan mcclain, lauren mitchell, kristy bowen, sam rasnake et al. but you probably already know that. *S*

um. and bills. anybody want those?

song of the day: the dog song by nellie mckay.


Arlene said...

hey, congrats on the clean sheets acceptance! did you notice that the editor said "poems that go together" as if they were having an orgy that pleased him esthetically? **snicker**

thanks for the pebble lake nod. ooooh, i also saw that it's got denise duhamel there. she's coooooooool and ultra-weird. i've got to remember to get her book. i think you'll love her, too. hee.

if by bills you meant bird beaks... well, i've got nothing against them. peckpeckpeck.


p.s. hah! the dog song. i've been playing it non-stop myself.

megalopoet said...

oooh-- seems you're just as naughty as your, um... spousal unit.

and happy EARly birfday-- when's the actual??

glad you're feeling better and over the nasty cold and such.

huge KUDOS on all your recent nods: between you and the alien bride i'm reading more online than for my classes.
*but i don't mind, trust me*

keep it up (*ahem*) and keep me entertained.
(after all, the globe turns for my amusement)

here's hoping all the

translated for you & the lil masochist:

take *that* back to 30/30

Collin said...

You and Arlene need to start giving classes on how to submit and get work accepted. You are both legends! :)

nate said...

Well, how nice of you to make mention of me on your blog... I know your wife was jealous...

Congrats, on the Clean Sheets acceptance, though from what I read of those poems, you'll be needing to do laundry, again... like now.

word verification: xffnwcz, which, from what I can translate, is: her kisses are effin w/ my sleep...

But, I could be wrong...