Tuesday, November 21, 2006

12784 days

35 years. how on earth did that happen? and so fast.

song of the day: what's another year? by johnny logan. being ironic here. i think.


Lauren Mitchell said...

Happy Birthday Michi!

Sharon Hurlbut said...

Happy Birthday Michi!!! Here's to many, many more!

michi said...

thanks ladies!


Arlene said...

hope you had a great time celebrating your ancient years, miss oldie-two-shoes!

hah. and i noticed you used mugs instead of transparent glasses last sunday — so no one will know how much everyone is drinking. sneaky buggers.


p.s. god says he wants some mulled wine for christmas. please send the bottle directly to my place.

Liz said...

Aw chucks Michi, that baby photo is so cute...love how you are lain on the table : ) it reminds me of one of me lying in a little drawer : )

Really like your photo selection and how it captures a life.

Am curious about Sepp's mulled wine recipe as want to indulge in a mulled wine night soon! ;)

More birthday greetings.


Colleen in Korea said...

Happy Birthday Michi!!
Can't wait to catch up on your blog once I get back to Canada!! Can't beleive my time in India is almost over...sigh.
Anywhoo - here's wishing that all your birthday dreams come true! You deserve it babe.
Colleen (in India)

Rus Bowden said...

Late I know, but:

Happy Birthday, Michi!