Saturday, November 25, 2006

over 35, (well) over 18, and more than halfway there

a big thank you and *bear hug* to all those adorable people out there who thought of my birthday and sent me text messages, e-cards or snail mail to wish me well. i hope i am growing old with dignity. *LMAO*

my wonderful students (the computer class) surprised me with cake - i managed to blow out all nine candles (one for each student and one for me) - and a gift, and they even sang happy birthday for me! i was sooo touched. :) i said goodbye to this group on friday, and was really sad. i will miss them.

here's a pic of me on bd #35. for, um, future reference, i guess. ;)

* * * * *

my five erotic poems are, um, up at clean sheets. that was fast! :)

* * * * *

round 9 of 30/30 update:
the titles so far:

poem 11 - Proposal - Sonnenizio on a line by Arlene Ang
poem 12 - Letter #7 (Your letter dripped into my cupped hands)
poem 13 - report with birthday cake
poem 14 - This Morning I Heard Church Bells Croaking Through Thick Mist As Bunches Of Leaves Dripped November On My Mood, So I Crossed My Fingers And Wished For Sunny Surprises (a cherylian)
poem 15 - Letter from Venice (Venice has not quite forgotten us. All that greedy water has not washed away)
poem 16 - He Asks Me Why I Keep A Queen-Sized Tea Mug On The Table, A Pair Of Yellow Canaries In An Alice Blue Cage By The Window, And A Cotton Pad With Three Drops Of Blood From A Paper Cut By My Bedside (a cherylian)
poem 17 - Letter #12 (I was wrong. No colour can spoil a sunset except the dull black)

song of the day: whistle for the choir by the fratellis. such a cute and catchy little tune.
Well it's a big big city and the lights are all out
But it's much as I can do you know to figure you out
And I must confess, my heart's in broken pieces
And my head's a mess
And it's 4 in the morning, and I'm walking along
Beside the ghost of every drinker here who's ever done wrong
And it's you, woo hoo
That's got me going crazy for the things you do

So if you're crazy I don't care you amaze me
But you're a stupid girl, oh me, oh my, you talk
I die, you smile, you laugh, I cry


jenni said...

happy belated birthday! love the photos!

megalopoet said...

happy late wishes and kisses!!
your stolis project sounds fabulous-- can't wait to read the final product.

adored your photo montage. what a sweet lass you are...

hopefully i'll get something posted to you by next year's festivities...

Arlene said...

tee hee hittery, you might like to say "growing up with dignity". at your age, you've got to think that it's all upward from there... with a bit of silicon and stretching.

congrats again on soiling those clean sheets, darling! and that pic... oooh la libido! i like the nude look. tee hee heaving!