Thursday, June 15, 2006

before, during, and after (part II)

as promised, on the 5th anniversary of our wedding, here are a few pictures taken before, during, and after the wedding which took place at kaasgrabenkirche in vienna's 19th district. a professional photographer took pictures of us afterwards - you'd never guess the scene was a roundabout not far from the church, right? the reception and party that followed were held at a restaurant / hotel in the 19th district, and went on until the small hours. what a beautiful, and fun day it was!

here comes the bride!

lighting our candle during the ceremony

just married! the deacon, pius zessner-spitzenberg, is in the background

the wedding party in front of the church


party time! we're looking quite happy, don't you think?

home-made menu: i drew all the little figures for the invitations, menus, and place cards myself - enjoyed that, too!

all photos except "party time" and menu / place cards by peter nikolaus.

more photos and a report can (still) be found in our wedding album (the quality's not always the greatest though).

song of the day: chapel of love by the dixie cups. but of course. :)


Arlene said...

terrific photos! but i already knew that. i peeked yesterday. looks like a wonderful wedding... you guys don't even look a bit drunk, not even the deacon in the background. i swear.

ooooh, adore the drawn menus and invitations! i always get tickled pink when you send me mail with your drawings on the envelope.

hope you had a great anniversary yesterday!


michi said...

did you look drunk at your wedding? during the ceremony? if so, i want to see the pictures ... *L*

thanks! and yes, it was nice yesterday. and yummy food!

and we just cross-posted, you hear, me at your blog. :)

Arlene said...

erm, the photographer made it a point to take the pics before lunch. he knew how it goes with italian weddings.

now that i think of it. no kissing shots?? the photographer asked us to do some... and even commented that we weren't doing it with enough feeling and asked us to repeat everything. dirty old guy. i don't think i ever sent you any wedding pics, have i?

anne (for today, june 16)

p.s. did you see your weather pixie lately? she's showing off her bare arms and midriff. mine's still in winter wardrobe. tsk.

atiah said...

u look so sweet and happy!

Pris said...

I love these!!! You look so happy! I'm emailing you, too, but your music just arrived today and I've been listening. I love it and thank you!!!


Lauren Mitchell said...

Michi you look beautiful! I hope you both had a Happy anniversary.



Colleen in Korea said...

Happy 5th Anniversary!
Your wedding photos are great.

Hope you and Sepp had a romantic day together.


michi said...

thanks ladies, yes, we had a good day, the indian food was delicious. i'll be posting a few pics of us at belvedere palace shortly.


jenni said...

*sniff* weddings always make me cry!

Beautiful photots! You both look so happy.

michi said...

ah jenni, the real reasons to cry came afterwards when things weren't looking so great anymore. but right now itS' GOOD! :)

nate said...

How did I miss this? Happy Anniversary, Michi... beautiful photos... you two look perfect for each other...

Word verification: mhoor, which evidently is a cow in the background asking for moooooore

michi said...

*LOL* @ nate