Sunday, June 18, 2006

poetry, pics, and plants

yay! i finally started working on my new series of poems yesterday, and wrote not only one, but two poems, with a few notes for poems number three and four! the series is tentatively titled the secret meanings of greek letters. both poems still need work, but here are a few lines from alpha:

not an ox; rather a woman who suddenly
remembers to cry, teeth bared, for gowns
the colour of yolks, a jar that might contain
her tears, a goddess to turn them into wine.
good news from one of my favourite e-zines too, this morning, but i don't want to say anything more just yet.

oh and thanks to my poet friend allen who said something very kind about my work on his blog.

here are a few pictures taken on thursday, our wedding anniversary, at belvedere palace. the most interesting thing about them is the fact that i am actually wearing a skirt. that happens about once or twice a year.

the indian food at demi tass was delicious, and so was the planter's punch i had afterwards. :)

instead of more reminiscing and going out to dinner again on friday, we finally played tennis! we had long intended to go, but it always rained on weekends. not on friday. we'd wanted to play one hour, but ended up playing two, as usual. it was quite muggy until about eight, but then it was okay, with a light breeze and a few clouds. of course, yesterday was gee-i-never-knew-about-THOSE-muscles day. we want to play again today, but we have already had a few showers this morning, not sure how it turns out.

lots going on in our "garden"! see for yourself:

white radishes, carrots, tomatoes, morning glory, etc

sunflower, peppers, snapdragon, etc

various blossoms

random notes:

TRT (the turkish radio and television corporation) is putting a ban on winnie pooh, because piglet is, well, a pig, and pigs are considered impure in islamic countries. apparently the government put pressure on TRT. privately owned channels, however, do show winnie and his adorable friends.

ever wanted to know which celebrity you are? take sarah sloat's quiz and find out! i am marilyn, according to ms sloat, and i am friends with christopher walken.

about time i made my own quiz, don't you think?

song of the day: crystalline green by goldfrapp.


Arlene said...

hey, lovely skirt -- and cute shoe! i've got a thing for them myself.

that's great being friends with christopher! well, as long as you don't intend to marry him. (i saw you were already on the look-out for a new hubby at dr. sloat's session blog.)

yesyesyesyes!! i want a dr. gabriel test!


p.s. got the baby pics. hehehe, i'll be having some fun now. and thanks for callene -- makes me feel all nice and un-evil inside. teehee.

Sorlil said...'ve got me interested, I'd like to read more of these Greek alphabet poems :)

H. W. Alexy said...

Hello Michi,

Happy Anniversary. Hope all is well with you.


Sam of the ten thousand things said...

I enjoyed alpha. Interesting concept and approach.

michi said...

thanks everyone, for stopping by, for expressing your interest, for the evil laugh (yes, you, ms ang), for the "happy anniversary" chorus. :) m

jenni said...

I live in skirts! LOL. Long ones, just like you're wearing. I find them so comfortable. Loved the pics and yea, what's up with the tease on that poem?

Hope you're doing good.