Thursday, June 15, 2006

before, during, and after (part I)

exactly five years ago, i married dr josef weissenboeck, better known as sepp. sometimes it didn't even look like we would make it to the first anniversary; at the moment, it looks like there will be many more. :)

as for the wedding on 15 june 2001: it was a brief ceremony at the registry office in vienna's 10th district, and apart from sepp and me, only our witnesses gudrun and manfred were present. afterwards, we strolled around belvedere palace's park, and then we had lunch at the indian restaurant demi tass - which is where we are going later today.

here are a few pics (click to enlarge):

still unmarried, at the registry office with manfred aka "willi", sepp's witness

a ring for my finger!

married couple with witnesses

just married - in front of the upper belvedere

here's a link to more pictures in our wedding album.

something about the ceremony at church will be posted tomorrow.

song of the day: i do i do i do by abba. what else. ;)


Arlene said...

hey you!! wheeee! happy anniversary! if you were married five years ago, that means i got hitched a year earlier than you. i [mark the famous last words] could've sworn we got married the same year.

love the wedding pictures -- especially the dress. first time i've seen you in one, i think! ;)

tafnh!! meaning "cheers!! and, if you get drunk enough, you can even see your futures flow wonderfully together before your eyes."


michi said...

hey arlene, thanks! :)
you were not supposed to look at the other pics yet, you know. bad girl. ;)
re dress - i don't wear dresses. i don't even wear skirts very often. i don't really own any dresses, unless you count a ball gown which doesn't fit anymore since i lost weight, and a little black number which doesn't really fit anymore since i gained weight. i feel most comfortable in jeans, and when more formal dress is required, i wear suits. thanks for stopping by, off to the belvedere now.

m x

Sharon Hurlbut said...

Oh, Happy, Happy Anniversary, Michi!! Why is it the custom to have two ceremonies? What a lovely couple you two make. I'm happy just looking at those beautiful smiles. May the years bring you ever more joy in your life together!

michi said...

thank you so much, sharon! well, you don't have to have two ceremonies, but a church wedding is not recognised by the state, and even though i am no longer roman catholic (no longer a church member), we decided it would be nice to have a church wedding as well as the civil ceremony - we talked about what it meant to us, and that seemed fine, and most people also expect a church wedding here, perhaps less than a generation ago, but still. we did not have the eucharist, but i don't know the english word for the type of service we had.

we could have done both things in one day, as quite a few people do, but we thought it would be less stressful if we had the civil wedding on the friday, and the church wedding on the saturday (not uncommon at all; most of our friends did it like that, sometimes even with weeks or months in between).

we only got married in 2001, but we have been together since january 1992, so it has been quite a while, with lots of ups and downs, as you can imagine.

more pics tomorrow.


Carl Bryant said...

Happy Anniversary!

Marital bliss restores my faith in humanity (not that I'm not blissly happy - it warms me to see it around.) Okay, I'm covered if the frau pops in.

Hope your day is wonderful!

lyyhzm (that HAS to be some sort of yiddish blessing)

Collin said...

Happy Anniversary. :) Lovely photos. Here's to many more!

michi said...

carl - *LOL* and thanks. had you asked three or four months ago, things were looking rather bad, going nowhere. made an important decision - counselling/therapy. it has changed so much within a short time. hard work, too, at times, but that's alright.

thanks collin.


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