Tuesday, June 13, 2006

tryst, subs, patience

the new (anniversary) issue of tryst is online - looking (and sounding!) great. my poem alice takes issue with the queen can be found there, alongside work by allen itz, dorothy doyle mienko, kristy bowen, et al.

i've sent out several submissions yesterday and today, it was about time too.

i have also finally found out which of my submitted poems has been chosen for the vienna views anthology: how to survive in vienna, another one of my rules poems!

still not a word from a few publications, despite inquiries:
one of these zines is mastodon dentist - any of you worked with them? i sent the submission in october, inquired twice, the second time to tell them i'd withdraw my work and asking them to acknowledge that - nothing.
i sent three inquiries to adirondack review, to several of their email addresses, from several of my email addresses. i had worked with them before, and the editor had been very friendly and reliable. odd that i have not heard back from them even though it has been 9 months.
hinge seems to be playing dead too. i'll wait until the next deadline and send a query then.

i am also still waiting for my print copy of arabesques review - it has "only" been two months, and correspondence is erratic. (yep, arlene, still nothing. perhaps you should send them one of your oriental-style mails?)

song of the day: everything reminds me of my therapist by nancy tucker.


SarahJane said...

congrats on tryst. i will surely check out your poem - what do you mean with "rules" poem?
I also sent three inquiries out yesterday to places i'd submitted to in september! pain in the Arsch, oder? Especially when the stated reply time is tops six months. To one I said that I quite like the magazine (sunspinner) and would love to submit again but only if they actually send rejections as well as acceptances. i mean, sorry.

michi said...

sarah - i wrote a LOOOOONG series of poems during my first three 30/30 rounds - "rules of conduct" for every day of the week, every month, how to handle all zodiac signs, etc; and this poem about vienna i mentioned is one of those "how-to"-poems. two others can be found at http://www.lochravenreview.net/2005winter/gabriel.html in case you are *that* interested. ;)

one zine replied to an inquiry of mine with a "why would we send out rejection notes? come on ..." they claimed that great zines didn't have time for such things. um. well.


Cheryl said...

Cool poem in Tryst, Michi!

SarahJane said...

god, how depressing. (the no-rejection thing i mean.) so if I'm not, um, billy collins, i should just fuck myself? would you mind telling me which journal that was? also privately is fine (sjanesloat@yahoo.com). just curious.

i am *that* interested in the rules poems. i haven't been over to look in the new loch raven yet, but today i will.

michi said...

thanks, cheryl!

sarah, the poems are in the winter issue of LRR. and the zine was gangway, an austr(al)lian magazine; they were the first e-zine to publish my poetry, ages ago. as far as i know, they have changed their practice since, esp now that they have guest editors.

Arlene said...

hey you! that sucks about the rejection reply.

oh. and adirondack. bad news! i think they only reply to acceptances. haven't heard a peep from them in the course of three submissions -- sent from different e-mail addies, too for over two years. no reply to queries either. then i heard from someone who told me there were quite a lot of complaints about them (in a forum) as well. maybe you can start one in ITWS. anyway, after that i stopped sending.

love the poem -- homiletically challenged just tickled me silly.


michi said...


thanks for the note. jason left a pm in ITWS and said he was waiting. thing is, i worked with them before, and that was great, i started corresponding with colleen for a while, but that was over a couple of years ago. no complaints about their past behaviour. anyway, i have proof that i sent a withdrawal note, if ever they want to publish something i sent. so there.

that said, eve hanninen of centrifugal eye was quick with her reply - submitted yesterday, and she snapped up a simultaneous submission straight away. :)

m x

Sam of the ten thousand things said...

Nice poem Michi. What an ending: Look how / greedy the little flames become, how blue my curls. Surprising and strong-- a good fit. I like the music of your phrasing throughout this piece. Great play with imagery.

Arlene said...

hey, congrats for the contrifugal eye acceptance!

i did work with TAR once -- they actually rejected my sub, then after a week sent me a note that they've published a poem from that same sub... duh. i waited some time before sending work again, but after that things just went downhill and i didn't hear back from anyone anymore. i don't know if it's a matter of spam filters.


michi said...

but you would know all about those, wouldn't you, miss spam assassin! ;))

i think i need some of your weirdness as inspiration for some mad poetry ... the muse is boring.

m x