Thursday, April 20, 2006

reading, watching, working

i am re-reading clarissa pinkola estes' women who run with the wolves. for those women out there who have not read it - go and get your copy. it is fascinating stuff. i first read it six years ago, then dipped into some chapters now and again, and i just felt it was time to read the whole book again. interesting to see where i made small notes six years ago, little exclamation marks etc. some issues (for me) have changed, others are still there, waiting, needing to be tackled. food for thought, and possibly also for the muse.

am also reading marius brill's making love. a book for language lovers - and for those with a slightly weird sense of humour. it is an odd book, but very, very enjoyable, and the language just makes me want to go WOW at times. i find myself laughing out loud and giggling on every page too. good stuff.

watched amadeus and shakespeare in love on the weekend, had seen both before - though it had been a while since my last encounter with amadeus. finally went to see syriana on tuesday. an important film. felt more like a documentary at times than a movie. jeez. it is scary, very scary to get an inkling of what is going on in big business. everything's so complicated and it is hard to see through it all - who knows what, who has what reasons to do what they do, and are they the real reasons or is there more to it, something you don't see immediately. who can you trust. can you trust anyone? it's all very cynical in big business. very. i am glad i saw that film.

my intensive english class has been cancelled - the one that was supposed to start on monday 24th april. instead, i have said yes to an offer to teach senior citizens once again - i have done that once before. it'll be mondays and wednesdays for the next month, starting on the 24th, from 1 to 4 pm. which means it will be stressful on mondays and wednesdays, what with my other class finishing at 12.30. but the good thing is it is not far from one place to the other. i am not crazy about the long days, but i do need the money. and it's only for a month. my other group of senior citizens was lovely, but they all need sooooo much attention and patience. they do want to learn, but there is not one thing you can assume they know. some of them had never even touched a mouse, or switched on a computer. i think it is wonderful that 70 year olds still want to learn, are open to new technologies, and i want to help them as best i can.

this is for arlene: i had my hair cut today. yes, again. *L*

am off to teach english now.

oh and spring is here! spring is here! life is skittles and life is beer! or some such.

still, today's song is feist's when i was a young girl. love it love it love it.


Charles said...

Can you backchannel me about my chap? I can't find an emai link for you here.

Arlene said...

hey! thanks for the book hints... i'm adding to my amazon list. for some strange reason, i'm attracted to "making love" in particular. it must be the *short* title.

teehee about the senior citizen class. my mom drove me nearly crazy when i had to teach her how to e-mail me. she couldn't get the words "mouse" and "window" and i had to indicate everything as this thingee and that thingee. and she couldn't perform double-clicks or drag-and-drops. hee.

haircut? again??!!

**thinking furiously of a wisecrack**

well, i shaved off my... uh, armpits today. so there. hah!

teehee. anyway, you just reminded me that i need a haircut badly. getting very witchy now. heh.

and lookie, lookie!! your weather pixie has bared her arms and a bit of midriff. i can only imagine what else she'll show off come summer. tsk, tsk.


p.s. i am envious, by the way, of your billy joel tickets.

p.p.s. keep forgetting to say: congrats on the "garden of the gods" acceptance!! wheeeee!

SarahJane said...

Hi Michi -
I always love to know what people are reading. "Making Love" does sound, um, interesting and like Arlene I'm gonna have to look that up.
You know I have also very much tried to avoid touching a mouse! that fur! qodcbrb!

Arlene said...

sarah... when you mentioned "mouse", i hope you didn't mean my armpits. i have shaved them. really. i've got proof. **nodding vigorously**


SarahJane said...

Did the Italians force you?
they made me leave the country!

michi said...

you girls crack me up! thinking of micecracks, arlene?
have you read women who run with wolves? no? that's a must read for every woman, esp creative women, women interested in what's beyong the surface.

anyway and omgoz. yesyes.

hm. m

Arlene said...

sounds like my kind of book, michi! will get it at amazon. when you mentioned "beyond the surface" i hope that *part* has been shaved (not hennaed or any kinky stuff that you do).

oh no. i did it on own, sarah. i swear. nobody made me do it. there were odd men looking in from the window. and michi with ethel in tree house playing with some kind of mouse.... ***pffffft -- there goes the tranquillizer gun again***


michi said...

arlene - i will have to write a poem. about who is really crazy about ethel the mannish woman. her name starts with an A, and she's also known as ellen. ;)

kinky stuff huh? what do YOU know about the kinky stuff i do? except ... er, and ... um. well.