Monday, April 17, 2006

easter x 3

little michi's first easter, 1972

michi, dad, and the easter bunny, 1973

easter 1982 with my brother markus and our cousins anna-maria (l) and katrin (r) - aka the freak show *L*

two more photo albums online now:
little michi 2
little michi 3

and photos have been added to the teenage album. very 80s, i'm warning you. again. *L*

gardening yesterday, on sepp's balcony. planted lots of flowers, carrots, chives, radishes. we'll see how it goes this year - last year was not the best. even the morning glory let us down. watched three aardman animations - a grand day out, the wrong trousers, a close shave (yes, a sheep called shawn). so funny, so cute. the little sheep had me in stitches, again.

song of the day - at the hop? no. run rabbit run? no, no. hung bunny? no, definitely not. it's actually mannen i den vita hatten by kent.


rae said...

*gasp* KENT!! You are the 3rd person I've ever met who knows about Kent. My favorite song by them is 747. Actually, I love the entire Isola album. I haven't heard their swedish albums, only the english ones. Should I venture into the Swedish ones??

Suzanne said...

Holy cow. Your parents took a lot of pics! There are maybe 3 baby pics of me. *lol* What a cutie you were Michi.

michi said...

thanks for stopping by, ladies.
suzanne - the photos i have scanned now, are probably not even a 10th of what i have. my dad was very into photography.
cheers, m

Sharon Hurlbut said...


My girls are completely obsessed with Wallace & Gromit these days. Have you seen The Curse of the Were-Rabbit yet? The Wrong Trousers is our family favorite. Of course, Kate always likes to point out that Gromit knits, "just like mommy."

atiah said...

u really look very cute!