Sunday, April 16, 2006

easter, teddy! cure-ious?

modern art --
colouring easter eggs, not sure what year, maybe 1977

me & my teddy --
again, not sure what year, maybe 1976/77

this one's for rachel (i have a better one somewhere, probably at my parents')

me dressed as the cure's robert smith, 1990

more photo albums online soon.


nate said...

Michi, the pics are adorable... I wouldn't have thought, from the first two, that you went through a goth period... I'm looking forward to seeing more photos... very vhtxvkld... if you know what I mean...

rae said...

Michi!!!! You make a good robert smith, holy moly!!!!! Look at your wall! You're soooo 80's! Love it. Thanks for posting this. you rock.

michi said...

nate - please please believe me, i did not run around like that all the time! it was for carnival only. honestly. though i DID like the cure a lot, still love their old stuff, and the mission and similar bands.

and oh yes, i know what you mean. uapjiu!

rach - yes, very 80s. but what can you do, being born in 1971? the 80s were horrible. and brilliant. and quite ugh, but also yay! if you know what i mean. and i assume you do. :))