Saturday, April 15, 2006

waaah. a pic. mannequin envy.

i honestly cannot remember when i've last been as completely and all-around tired as this week - physically, mentally, emotionally tired. ugh. the weather did not exactly help either - after monday's pleasant 20°C, there was rain, sleet and snow (!) on tuesday. it's been rather cold all week, and mostly grey and rainy and very, very windy. today it's sunny, blue sky this morning, but now clouds are moving in again. going for a walk soon, meeting up with gudrun and her family.

we finally managed to meet up yesterday, but instead of the playground it was mostly indoors because the rain set in soon after we'd arrived at the park. here's a pic taken with gudrun's phone, of simon and me reading a paper.

two of my poems - april rules of conduct, Far away, clouds lure you to the sea (content warning!) - can be found in the new issue of mannequin envy which will go online this weekend. i am thrilled! congrats to rachel mallino too, she's sharing zine space with me.

happy egg-searching. happy bunnying. happy chocolate-munching.

song of the day: birdhouse in your soul, they might be giants. old but still good.


rae said...

I have a feeling that a lot of the poem on ME will need a content warning, I know mine do. It's awesome to be sharing zine space with you.

Cute pic, btw!

SarahJane said...

hmmm ,.. nice glass of wine there in the foreground, michi. or is that grape juice for the little one?
happy easter

michi said...

wine for me, sarah! :)
simon is addicted to water. but his mom is rather glad of that, because most other kids aren't fond of plain water. i hope mine won't always want tea or juice! that would drive me ntpmi!

nate said...

Congrats on the poems at ME, Michi! I look forward to reading them, and Happy Djuyeqne... uh, I mean Easter!