Monday, April 24, 2006

ME, PSR, 50+

the spring issue of mannequin envy is now online, it was about a week late, but waiting for good quality poetry is okay. :) among other poems, you can read my two works april rules of conduct and Far away, clouds lure you to the sea, and rachel mallino's poems. enjoy.

a letter waiting for me in my mailbox this afternoon made my day - it was a reply from poetry salzburg review (print magazine), and though i had expected a no, thanks, the letter seemed too thick for just that. it was the first time i sent them my work, and they accepted three out of the six poems i submitted! two of them are - you guessed it, nigel poems! for a non-existent guy he is becoming quite famous ...

the poems will be published in their autumn 2006 issue, and i'm thrilled to be sharing PSR space with arlene! :)

i was impressed with the quick reply too:
email sub sent: 18 april 2006
snail mail reply received: 24 april 2006

this afternoon from 1 to 4, i had my first lesson of the basic computer course with my "oldies", as i like to call them, fondly. only two of the supposedly three students showed up, two men. good thing is they have already tried a few things on their pcs at home, so they need no mouse training. but most of the basics are still new to them. but - it's brilliant having only a couple of students, that's not so exhausting. next lesson on wednesday.

we went out with two friends on friday, it's always such fun with them - we always come up with the weirdest ideas in that little group. laughter is good though. :)

dyed my hair on the weekend (thanks, sepp!), did some prep work for the next english lesson, spent some time reading, walking, sleeping.

song of the day - concertina, by tori amos. just because.


Arlene said...

wooohoooooo!! congratulations on the poetry salzburg acceptance -- we'll be in the same issue together! tra-la-la!!

and teeeheeeeheeee. i remember the editor was priding himself in bringing out the catholicism of psr or something like that. and will now innocently publish our imaginary love triangle under that guise. WICKED!! buuuuaaaaahaaaaaahaaaaa!! we *rule*!

sepp dyed your hair? tsk. will he do mine? i can only pay in live chickens or fake lashes. consult nathan if you want.

congrats on the mannequin envy poems!! *luv* 'em. purrrrrr.


rae said...


Congrats on the print pub, that's a fantastic response time!!! You and Arlene?? I just may have to order me a copy.


nate said...

For those who aren't aware... Nigel is code for Nathan (note: both names begin with "N") and yes, both Michi and Angie are crrrraaaazy about me... what a stud...

Congrats, Mich, on your poems in the print pub... shows putting our dirty laundry out to dry is beneficial... and I was suprised at the aphrodisiatic powers fake lashes and a live chicken possessed... way to go, Arlene!!

wdapy, which is translated in the French, who's yo' daddy...

michi said...

thanks arlene - tee-hee. fake lashes. not sure sepp would look as good in them as ni..., er, you.

thanks rach! :) it'll be published in autumn, i am sure you will find a note on arlene's and my blog when the time comes.

nate - trust me: you would not want to be nigel. he would never be capable of being editor (only of accepting bribes) or doing a workshop on poetry. also, i've pulled out his eyebrows. or at least wanted to, very badly.

thanks again!


megalopoet said...

congrats on all your recent pubs-- i went to john vick's place and was rather disappointed that the recording said "by another poet"-- was looking forward to hearing you *and* arlene, scamps that you are.

michi said...

nicole - thank you for stopping by, and your kind words. yeah i know. i am not crazy about my voice, and i don't have a microphone so no recording at this point. sooooorrreeee. congrats on wicked alice, and the pedestal, woo-hoo!!

Cheryl said...

Good going, Michi! And Arlene and Rachel, too!

Carl Bryant said...

Congrats, Michi!

A first sub to the print mag, and THREE accepted!

Arlene said...

teeheeheee... if nathan is actually nigel, then nathan loves digby? this is all very confusing.

gabriella honey, we don't we write down a cast-of-charaters list. remember: nathan, err nigel wears fake lashes -- someone accepted a bribe somewhere.

and your voice is better than mine!! at least it was years ago in venice... hopefully, your ***censored*** with the mannish ethel hasn't compromised all that.

thanks, cheryl!!


michi said...

ms angela ellen, honestly. nigel loves ... um, er, someone. i am losing track. i think you are right, we might need a list of who's who, loves whom, supposedly loves whom, would like to love whom, etc
nathan and his fake lashes, tee-hee, he's the one who slaughters chicken in the backyard right? i wonder just what he does with the blood ...
and you are only jealous because we all know who ethel turned down all those years ago in, er, kindergarten! :-p
i'll think about recording something once i am no longer suffering from spring (ie allergies), i sound horrible at the moment. truly do. might even put ethel off - now there's a tought! :)))

vefzfl! (sneeze)