Thursday, April 27, 2006

another yes, a no, and (eek!) my voice

had a note from taj mahal review this morning, informing me that they want to publish my poems café westend and I dream of having a daughter in their june edition, a print publication. i am quite curious about that, actually; some of the poems on their website are a little, um, how do i put it, corny, but i also know that some poets i like have had works in their publications. hm.

poems sent: 11 april 2006
reply received: 27 april 2006

they say that everything needs to be balanced, so that might explain the rejection slip from DIAGRAM magazine which informed me that

"after much discussion and close reading we have decided against the work. We get a lot of high quality submissions and can only take on the few that really hit us just right."
sigh. maybe some other time.

poems sent: 05 march 2006
reply received: 27 april 2006

okay, some of you did indeed ask for this - me reading one of my own poems. i don't know, i might take this down again tomorrow, but for now i'll be brave and put this up. the quality is not that great, i used my mp3 player to record it, so apologies for that. i have never been a fan of my own voice, and i find it very odd listening to this recording, i must say. hm.

i've converted the format to wma and now it's working in firefox too, for me (though i think the quality is even worse now); if you want to hear me read, i hope it works for you too; if you don't, count yourself lucky if it doesn't. tee-hee. :)

the poem is conversation with a kitchen sieve.

my muse seems to have gone to sleep - nothing happening on the poetry production front. i seem to have some ideas whizzing around my brain but i cannot seem to grab hold of them yet. arlene's talk about ethel, ellen, and her evil rumours about digby's being married, might do the trick eventually, who knows. they may want to become just as famous as nigel.

speaking of which (no, not whom), perhaps i should write poems about other names i find a bit ... er, well, nigel-like. harvey, for instance. creeeeeeeeeeepy.

i've been sleeping badly lately, lots of dreams, some of them very strange, some of them a bit scary. i wake up way too early every day, too. annoying.

been using my gym bike more often lately, which is good. but not good enough.

song of the day: do you love me, the contours. always makes me want to dance dance dance.


David said...

i went and checked out the taj mahal review and i definitely see what you mean about the poems on the website being a bit corny. but i'm sure the print stuff is much better, and if it's not, your poems will bring it up quite a few notches. congrats.

...and quite a nice voice, I might add.

nate said...

Congrats, on the acceptance (and a rejection with that sort of note from Diagram)... unfortunately, my computer doesn't have speakers, so I can't listen to you, Rach, or Arlene... YQOSEA!!...

I'm sorry... I shouldn't use that type of language on your blog... :P

jenni said...

Hey Congrats! And yes, I did used to frequent Blueline once upon a time ago. Small world, eh?


Sharon Hurlbut said...

Michi - beware. Taj Mahal Review is a scam. Or, at best, a vanity publication. You have to pay outrageously in order to get a copy for yourself. As far as I'm aware, they are not a reputable market.

michi said...

sharon, thanks for the note. they said nothing about paying for a copy yet, but i might enquire.


megalopoet said...

i couldn't get the blasted sound thingy to work- baaah! will try tomorrow when am at work. *yee* on almost getting to hear you.

megalopoet said...

OHOHOH! just tried it again- *and it worked* "wheeee" (direct quote)
lovely sound, very schoolgirl and proper with such determined elocution. DEElightful. thanks so for posting it!

michi said...

hi nicole, thanks for commenting. *S*
seems everyone else is too polite to tell me it sucks. *LOL*
me, i don't like it very much ... never been a fan of my voice, esp when recorded.

cheers! m