Sunday, December 04, 2005

reading, thinking, writing

read anita diamant's "the red tent" which i found to be a very well-told story, whether historically accurate or not. found some articles discussing the book as well:
jewish news
study series using the novel

i have picked up "mother tongue" by bill bryson again, always fascinating to delve into the peculiarities of the english language. and fun too!

thinking of sponsoring a child somewhere on this planet. sounds like a good idea to me. there are so many people out there who need our help. i as contemplating donating money instead of buying christmas presents, but then my father approached me with an idea for a christmas present for him, and i didn't say no, so ...
i am not growing any fonder of christmas as the years pass, perhaps i will like it better when i have a child of my own and i can watch him or her enjoy christmas trees and gifts.

i am still writing! i am on day 26 of round 3, though i am contemplating a break after this round. i might be away from the computer for a while around christmas anyway. we shall see. part of me is actually scared to break the flow. *S*

had some lovely feedback re my poetry, not just the latest published at underground window, but also on the poems posted on my website (which is badly in need of an update!), those in my chapbook, and those posted at the 30/30 forum. :)

song of the day, song of most of the last week in fact: whisper by the walkabouts. i love love love it.

Truth's a whisper
A shaky whisper
Chase it, then it's wrong
Time is panic
Hushed and rankled
You feel it, then it's gone
Shout! Got nothing to show for this
Shout! Where is the now?
Where are the next three minutes?

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