Monday, December 12, 2005

billy, 90/90, and a worm

so i went to another concert last week. my teenage years were back to haunt me, it seems. my husband had persuaded me to come along to the billy idol concert with him and our friend tom, and who was i to say no to a free ticket (he paid)? so there we were, in the middle of a very mixed audience. i saw a couple who must have been around 60 as well as youngsters who must have been toddlers way back when billy had his big hits. unfortunately i was not really in a mood for a concert, and it was rather difficult for me to get into it, and it did not help that the place was sooooo packed, and i was separated from the guys pretty early on. but hey, it was a pretty good show. the guitar playing was impressive, as was billy's body. not many 50 year olds can show their body off like that, and get away with it. wow. not bad at all. of course there were all the big hits like flesh for fantasy, eyes without a face, hot in the city, rebel yell, dancing with myself, sweet sixteen and white wedding, as well as new songs. he definitely gave us a lot of music for our money, he played well over two hours. so even though i was a little lame myself, it was definitely worth going. quite fun too. :)

i look forward to thursday's concert, franz ferdinand! yay!

i have completed yet another round of 30/30 on ITWS, but am now taking a break. the last few days were quite a struggle, and i feel a little burnt-out, poetry-wise. also, there is very little time at the moment, so a time-out comes naturally, really. nobody was more surprised than myself that i managed to keep going for 90 days. the people at the forum are darlings, so supportive. and talented. such good poetry every day! i hope i won't stay away too long.

one of my 30/30 poems, inspired by arlene's generous threat, i mean: offer to marry me off to the frog prince, was published in (the poetry)worm. it's called frog prince. it is not online yet, the worm is circulated via email but will be archived at a later date. the sequel, wedded to the frog prince, has not been submitted anywhere yet.

several poems are still under consideration, having made it through first and second rounds. we'll see what comes of that.

work's going alright. teaching till four is actually not as bad as i had expected. time goes fast, for the most part. the group's still rather quiet, not just compared to the previous one. i still miss them, actually.

went out with my friend prue last friday, one of my celta buddies. she's such a lovely woman. we had considered going to the movies, but couldn't find anything that really tempted us, or showed at a decent time, so we just chatted away for hours.

prior to that, i finally visited LUSH! in vienna. ah! the smell! lovely, lovely indeed. only bought two shampoo bars that will certainly last for ages, at least until spring 2007. i adore that stuff!

we were in upper austria this past weekend, for sepp's dad's 70th birthday. it was nice, especially with sepp's niece and nephew, julia and manuel. lots of food though, unfortunately. *sigh* i had to work my gym bike hard when we were back sunday evening.

sepp got himself a new job - although he still is not quite sure what he's let himself in for. i guess he'll find out soon enough ... ;) e-learning manager at the university of natural resources and applied life sciences, does that sound impressive or what? *G* he'll be employed which is a big big bonus. anyway, we'll have some bubbly now, if you'll excuse me.

oh, before i go: song of the last few days, i suppose in the dutch mountains by the nits. always reminds me of my little brother when he actually was rather little. ;) so then - follow the cloud that looks like a sheep!


SarahJane said...

Hi michi,
just stopping in to say hello. read your poem in Worm - very enjoyable.
greetings from frankfurt -

The Blind-Winger Jones said...

HI Michi

Franz Ferdinand are fantastic live !

Hello from England