Saturday, November 26, 2005

a birthday, a bug and a bubl... sorry, publication ;)

if my dear friend bo is to be trusted (and i must admit, he usually is!), then i must have been a particularly horrible and cold person for the first half of the past year, and a terribly moody one for the second half. according to the weather on my birthday, that is. it was wet, cold, stormy, dark until about noon, and then it kept changing about every five minutes: sun, sleet, ice pellets, snow, you name it. perfect weather for indoors, and that is where sepp and i spent most of the day. i had taken the day off, a brilliant idea! :)

sepp gave me a birthday present i had not expected, it being more expensive than what we usually give each other: a gym bike. he'd remembered that i once mentioned that i "was thinking of getting me one" or some such. so no more excuses, i have my own instrument of torture right at home.

i also received lots of e-cards and text messages and phone calls from friends all around the world, that's so lovely! thank you everyone! :)

work from tuesday to friday, although i had to cancel my english class on thursday evening: i was feeling blaaaah and had a temperature when i got home. i tried to find someone to stand in for me on friday morning (had taken the afternoon off for a workshop), but no such luck. so i had to work till 12.30, then went home to bed. sorry i missed the workshop, would have liked to hear pete sharma and get some useful tips. sigh. maybe next time.

i slept yesterday afternoon, then over 10 hours last night (this alone shows that something is not right), only to go back to sleep after two hours of reading and writing a couple of christmas cards. the good news today was that the new issue of underground window is out, and my four poems saturday rules of conduct, sunday rules of conduct, stealing a word from someone else's poem, and venice, october sunset can be read there. it's a good magazine, enjoy!

missing out on a birthday party tonight. :( happy 30th, anja! i hope they have a drink for me.

finished reading kate atkinson's case histories, very well written. am now reading the red tent by anita diamant, so far enjoying it a great deal.

no song of the day, really, as i have not listened to anything much, except christmas is all around us - because we watched love actually ... on dvd! ;) i feel in the mood for something by interpol, though it might hurt my head. *G*

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