Sunday, November 20, 2005

tired, happy, and still almost young

i've been teaching a full day class for a week now, big changes there. coming home at five or even later if i have to do shopping instead of 1.30 does make a difference - for one thing, it is nearly dark when i leave work! the group i teach (12 people) is very different from the previous one - i still miss my old students. one of them, klaudia, sent me a few pictures of the last day in class:

i am getting acquainted with an angelic reindeer
as my students and colleague heinz watch closely

michi meets a reindeer and names it robert F1
never mind that he might be a woman

me and my students: claudia, sandra, ivonne, evelyn, robert, klaudia

me and robert and the lovely reindeer

at least the new students are all no absolute beginners which makes things easier for me.

i'm happy that despite the increased workload, i am still writing every day, on the train, during lunch break, in between classes, and well into the night. i am already on day 11 of round 3 in the 30/30 challenge, and have already written today's poem. there are more poems giving advice on how to handle certain zodiac signs, and some more erotic poems as well:

... dance on my pearl like blindfolded angels
on tiptoes until breath quickens, until toes
curl, rivers swell ...

i'm happy with the outcome, and need to send out more submissions.

i went to a poetry reading / themed evening "south pacific heat" at pickwick's on wednesday, but did not read anything, unaware of the theme for that night. shame. i think i would have read something, i do have poems about the south pacific from my travels. it was quite nice, heard two poems i really, really liked, and the dancers and music were nice, especially the waterphone sounds and the classical guitar and soprano.

babs and andi came over friday evening and we chatted and played and chatted some more, and of course we had to make caipirinhas because my birthday present was an ice crusher and all the ingredients for that lovely brazilian cocktail.

i finally heard back from personnel that i could take monday the 21st off - who wants to work on their birthday, especially if it is a monday, i ask you. it should be made illegal! ;) i think i'll have a lazy day, sepp is not working either, so perhaps cuddling up somewhere warm is in order, i don't expect the weather to change for the better - we had a first tiny bit of snow yesterday though it has not settled, of course. today it looks very unpleasant from here - strong winds harrassing the trees in front of my windows, plucking the last leaves of almost bare branches, and it has been drizzling on and off. *shiver*

speaking of the weather and leaves, here is the link to our autumn pictures, i finally edited and uploaded them! enjoy.

song of the day ... hm. straßenbahn des todes, element of crime. i love the lyrics on the new album (not that i expected any less), and only sven regener can get away with rhyming übergibt / liebst (throws up / love). it all makes sense, you see.

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