Friday, October 21, 2005

sunny days, more rules, unpleasant bugs

waaah!! how time flies. it keeps amazing me. feeling a little under the weather at the moment, especially today. there's this stomach flu bug going around, and i have been feeling sick all day, stomach aching. no fun. was supposed to help out at a conference, but cancelled for today, not sure i am going tomorrow though the workshops we can sit in on do sound interesting and i would love to catch up with two of my old CELTA buddies in between - not to mention the opportunity to speak english!

the week's been okay though - fair bit of work, still teaching the group of senior citizens who are really getting into ms word now. they are so excitable - in a good way, and in a not-so-good way. some of them asked if i was going to teach the internet class in november, but it doesn't look like it. still, it is nice to know that people appreciate my classes and would like to spend more time with me. *G*

have spent many hours with pen in hand or in front of the screen writing poetry. have sent out a few submissions as well. am on day 11 of my second 30/30 round, i cannot believe it. have finished the rules for all months, and am writing up guidelines for situations of all sorts now - thank you to bo who's fed me a few ideas i really like. ever wondered how to behave in someone else's dream? well - you can stop wondering and simply ask me. *G*

writing so much, and working occasionally in between *L*, means that i have been neglecting my correspondence - sorry everyone. i am trying to catch up. i will some day. i know it. ah, consultation with my diary and several complicated formulae in my spreadsheets tells me that this happy day will be in the year 2376.

i did manage to meet up with gudrun and her family last weekend, though. sepp and i were invited for dinner on saturday - my first proper meal of the week! yes, chocolate fondue DOES qualify as a proper meal. the wine was lovely too. gudi, go to styria more often, if that is what you bring back! :)

october has been beautiful this year - it's been sunny for ages. weather changed today, but they say the grey skies will clear up again, no more drizzle on the weekend, and temperatures up to 18°C! wow! two years ago, we had the first snow of the season on the 25th.

movie tip: swedish film "så som i himmelen" (as it is in heaven). got it on dvd from lotta (thanks!) and watched it in swedish (okay, with english, subtitles, but i understood quite a bit, honestly!). it is beautiful. trust me.

song of the day - feist's (yes she who signed my bag!) "mushaboom". it is the perfect "cosy song" for a day like this. again, trust me.

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