Friday, October 14, 2005

game, set, match

this was my tennis week. i went to stadthalle on monday, tuesday, and wednesday, and saw tim henman, carlos moya, david nalbandian, sebastien grosjean, gaston gaudio, a few austrians, and others play. some good tennis, some bad tennis. unfortunately carlos moya lost in round two yesterday, and sebastien in round one, so i decided not to go again - my faves are out.

it was almost a shame to spend so much time indoors, what with this splendid autumn weather! it's still so warm - i did not even wear socks on tuesday, it was looooooovely, sunny, 20C!

teaching's going well, i particularly enjoyed my english class yesterday.

i am amazed that i am still writing every day - i even managed to come up with a daily poem while at the tennis! i love this creativity. have gone into round two of a-poem-per-day, we'll see how that goes.

have sunk so low as to try bribing mr hawley with beer samples just to get him to come to austria. i can't, after all, stay a kaizers groupie forever. i heard that element of crime tickets are going on sale tomorrow, sooo ... vienna and munich or just vienna? decisions, decisions ...

funny to be at home that early in the afternoon, actually. i never got home before 10 the last few days. weekend plans: dinner at gudrun's (possibly my first proper meal of the week! hooray for friends!), a little bit of work, some fresh air, reading, writing, sleep. i hope.

haven't really got the song of the day yet, but i am very much in the mood for belle & sebastian:

Dear Catastrophe Girlfriend
Dear Catastrophe Girlfriend
I’m sorry if he hit you with a full can of Coke
oh and look at this for a bit of fun: georgie - you can move him with your mouse! *G*

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