Monday, October 10, 2005

monday sucks, rules rule, and a reason to celebrate!

monday again. not my day today either. kind of tired, a bit listless, slight headache (must be the warm wind), dizzyish. students were all tired today as well, and did not pay attention as well as on other days.

went for a walk and shopping after work, simply felt like it. bought a shirt, a cardigan, and a lovely light green/white anorak for winter, even though that seems a long way off on beautiful, sunny autumn days like today.

off to the tennis then, first of - probably - three days at the stadthalle, ba-ca tennis trophy. didn't really get into it, it was rather quiet (apart from the ever noisy kids who get in for free on kids day - *i* get in for free tomorrow, ladies day!), and not my favourite players, but there was some good tennis, and i stayed till 9.15pm. i needed fresh air really badly!

i have written more rules - rules rule is the motto of the month! am on to rules of conduct for every month of the year now. people keep suggesting a chapbook, and i am not exactly averse to that idea. AND AND!!! i completed my first round of 30/30 - a poem per day for one month!! HOORAY! and i cannot even celebrate - i am all alone, still with a slight headache. but .. ah, sod it, eh, maybe i should just open a small bottle of bubbly and toast myself?! never thought i'd last that long on the challenge. i love creating something every day, though i will be hard pressed for time in the near future. i guess i'll take it a day at a time.

speaking of poetry - received my friend annette's chapbook in the mail today, and look forward to spending some time with it tomorrow.

oh oh oh and - richard hawley, the latest addition to my FPA (frequently played artists) has replied to my post at his website's forum (i assume it is really him not just someone from management)!! i asked when he'd come to austria - he said no plans. sob. am spreading the word about him. he deserves it. (will you come and play in austria now, richard hawley? *L*)

song of the day - definitely, most definitely "you don't miss your water". yes. again. cheating, you say? if not that, then the magic numbers - "love me like you". perfect little gem of a happy song. (they hosted an "our favourite videos" kind of show on austrian tv yesterday and proved they have great taste in music btw!)

so far so good.

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Arlene said...

Woohooo!!! Didn't I tell you that you could do it?!!! CONGRATULATIONS on finishing your first 30/30 round! Hope you do another one. Hee. And I'll be back, too.

Funny how our biorhythms (including your students) coincide... must be the season. I'm tired and listless lately as well -- slept soundly for more than 13 hours last Sunday and could've slept well into Monday, too. Duh.