Monday, October 24, 2005

bugged, creative, relaxed

that silly bug bothered me too much to be able to go to the conference on the weekend. :( i would have liked to hear some of the speakers, but what can you do. it was lovely to hear from one of my old celta buddies that her and the other celta people helping out had missed me! awwww!

i slept a lot on saturday after a rather sleepless night, but managed to come up with some poetry.

yesterday we went for a walk in the afternoon, it was lovely. had to go and vote as well, elections in vienna. disappointed at the 15% for the FPOE, the freedom party, but other results were encouraging. more poetry later in the day, more rules, including "a man's guide to winning a woman's heart" - something all (wo)mankind has been waiting for. *G*

i am sending out submissions too, we'll see what comes of those.

today, back at work - it is a short week due to the public holiday on wednesday. yay! things are going well there, even though access is mind-bogglingly boring. *yawn* went for a walk in the afternoon, what else could one possibly do in such lovely weather? what could beat sitting in the sunshine on the edge of town, surrounded by meadows, blue ponds, trees dipped in yellows and reds, the sun shining in my face, richard hawley's voice in my ears ... aaaahhh!! bliss!

song of the day, song of the weekend, too: "devil in the details" by the walkabouts:

The future is a slow retreat
The future is a muscle you don't have

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