Wednesday, April 09, 2008

sandalous girl

i am getting stranger and stranger by the minute. today i tried on a skirt (no, this is not the strange part), and the shop assistant brought me a pair of strappy sandals with 6 cm (2.4 in) heels just to see what it looked like with "proper" shoes.

me: "nice, but exactly the kind of shoes i absolutely don't wear. can't wear."

her: "why?"

me: "because i can't walk in such shoes. i'd break every possible bone in my feet and legs within five minutes!"

her: "then it's about time you started practising!"

me: "no way!"

fast forward, an hour (and approx. 12 trousers, 2 dresses (!), 3 t-shirts, and 3 skirts) later: michi leaves the shop with a pair of jeans, a skirt, a t-shirt - and the sandals which she has grown rather fond of over the past hour. something odd is going on here. hmmm.

* * * * *

in the mailbox today: patrick carrington's Hard Blessings and suzanne frischkorn's American Flamingo, both in exchange for my secret meanings.

* * * * *

i still have not made the final decisions re what to read at the lit fest - which is in 8 days!! slowly getting a little panicky here. i heard yesterday that there will be a reception for authors reading at the festival, next friday at 1pm. now if only i can get rid of this horrible cold before next thursday ...

the vienna lit fest programme (click to enlarge):

* * * * *

kaizers orchestra concert with sabine and valerio tomorrow! yay!!

song of the day: we had it right by nellie mckay & k d lang.


Collin Kelley said...

Reminds me of that poem by Agnes Meadows called "These Shoes", which she indicates are not made for walking but for seduction and more. You go, girl.

One day I'll get to Vienna. Sigh.

michi said...

thanks, collin. :) you're a darling. and yes, you better get your, erm, butt over here some time soon. i hear there *are* planes to austria, you know. ;)


Bebe Cook said...


I love the shoes, and admire you for being able to walk in them, I always buy them and go back to my clogs!! Good look on the poetry read, Maybe read something from Greek Letters, every poem in the box is fabolous.

big hug

:) brenda

Bebe Cook said...

Good Luck On the Poetry Read!!

michi said...

bebe, we shall see whether i am able to walk in them or not ... if you read a blog entry titled "broken bones" or "notes from a hospital bed", you will know that i wasn't ... ;)

i will be reading three poems from greek letters, that is the main part, but i will also read two or three other poems. i have sort of made up my mind ... but then i start to doubt the choices again ... you know.

thanks, take care,

m x