Sunday, January 28, 2007

words & sounds

john vick has coaxed me into recording three of my poems

      what the therapist doesn't say to alice
      A Ladies' Guide to Writing the Love Poem
      titanium (ti) - northwest of titania, ten minutes past eight

- you can read AND hear them at the adroitly placed word.

song of the day: grace kelly by mika.

Saturday, January 27, 2007

another 20 poems

still writing every day - here are the latest 20 titles:

day 121 - how to find a portal to her room
day 122 - krypton (kr) - left of rao, two minutes to midnight
day 123 - The Girl With the Purple Cloak Appears in Another Dream (Sonnenizio on a Line from Jarman)
day 124 - The Man With the Bucket Walks the Streets Again (Sonnenizio on a Line from Jarman)
day 125 - afterwards (fib)
day 126 - affair, interrupted (fib)
day 127 - love, discarded (fib)
day 128 - picking up pieces (fib)
day 129 - Meet Mr. Johnson
day 130 - Before Sleep (Sonnenizio on a Line from McClain)
day 131 - The Black-Haired Girl Doesn't Like Being Watched When Drinking (Sonnenizio on a Line from Jarman)
day 132 - to forget him (fib)
day 133 - classic (fib)
day 134 - going the distance, part i (abecedarian)
day 135 - going the distance, part ii (abecedarian)
day 136 - the art of letting go
day 137 - Meet My Bucket
day 138 - Lush (Sonnenizio on a Line from Jarman )
day 139 - The day I fell in love with a magnetic field
day 140 - Niobium (Nb) - Niobe's Loss

song of the day: i love you by the pipettes.

Thursday, January 25, 2007


      For Virginia Woolf (25 Jan 1882 - 28 Mar 1941)

One stone, two stones, three stones,
chosen like lovers, each caressed
beneath a sullen oak.

They will go down with you,
smooth and heavy, and cool
as winter cheeks.
This is the texture of death,
the threat of your extinction
carried in pinafore pockets,

Weightlessness is a dream,
a promise for the aftermath,
as you drag your body
halfway across a shallow stream,
step by deliberate step.

You look life in the face,
no longer envy those
who never had to strangle
voices in the dark,
who do not fear the hours.

Your silhouette eclipses
an innocent sun, then you’re gone.
One shoe slips off, one shoe
choosing to float while you sink
to a room of your own,
a bed complete with flowers
ignorant of light.

The river is silent, Virginia,

(mag, 2003)

song of the day: westwards we're headed by lucky jim

Saturday, January 20, 2007

a little bit of this and that

nothing very exciting to say, but i did want to leave an update:

there is a chance that one of my poems will be included in the next volume of in our own words - a generation defining itself. i've been in the last three or four volumes, so that would be nice. they always accept more poems than will be published in the end, so it's not 100% sure, but i have my fingers crossed. :)

i've got lots of subs out, and i am still writing - sonnenizios, and fibs (for the flashquake contest), mainly. day 133. even though i have days when the muse seems to be fast asleep, i keep going. why? *L*

here's a recent one, for ms angie:

The Girl With the Purple Cloak Appears in Another Dream
       Sonnenizio on a Line from Jarman

The dream begins, turns over, and goes flat.
Like a leftover wintercoat in May. Like an

overused tyre. The way champagne never
does when she is around - oversexed lush

in her purple cloak, hungover every Friday.
She is in this dream, too. A voice-over.

The smell of white clover, obnoxious like
an overplayed bit part. Evasive, like a note

that may or may not be found overleaf. She
overstays her welcome, like patches of snow

lingering into spring. I'm overdue to wake up.
At least to roll over and crush the echo of her

laugh. It's overkill. A rumble, like low mooing.
I'll surely overdose. And it will be her doing.

i saw the play a midsummer night's sex comedy (woody allen) on wednesday, which was quite fun. it had been a while since i'd last been to a theatre ...

birgit and i went to see the queen at the cinema, and i did enjoy that. helen mirren's performance was brilliant.

i am using my exercise bike some more these days, which is gooooood, and yesterday i played tennis for the first time since the summer - it's always, um, a joy to discover all sorts of unknown muscles the day after ...

i've been watching some of the australian open - saw some good matches. one of my favourite players of all times, james blake, is playing really well, and i hope he goes far. the cutie. *G*

i am still looking for work. nothing new there. :(

our winter is still mild as spring. way too warm. the hurricane that did a lot of damage and killed dozens of people across europe on thursday, hit austria, too. the craziest thing was that the temperature rose to 20C (68F) at midnight! they say snow might be on the way some time next week - i hope not though.

song of the day: i will kill again by jarvis cocker

Saturday, January 13, 2007

strong verse and autumn sky

my poems seven things to consider when complaining about the weather and november rules of conduct were accepted by strong verse. :) i'd given up hope - i submitted well over 3 months ago, but mr palmer apologised very nicely for the late reply, and what with such good news, i don't have a problem at all. :) nice side effect that they pay, too.

i'll post a link when the poems are up. not sure when that will be.

also, had a very fast response from christine klocek-lim, editor of autumn sky:

I would be delighted to accept your poem, "Sonnenizio on a Line from Neruda" for the March issue of Autumn Sky Poetry. I was really moved by the imagery and how the repetition of words from the first line carried the poem into a complex weave of emotional connection. I hadn't seen that form before, so I am also indebted to you for introducing it to me.

Also, I liked "Letter #22" very much, especially how it related to Alex Stolis's poems. I considered accepting that one (I only accept one poem per author per issue), but the sonnenizio kept popping into my mind over several days, which is why I'd like to accept that one instead.
the new issue should be up in late february or early march.

song of the day: you suck by the murmurs

Monday, January 08, 2007

new year's, 120 days of poetry & little jakob

i/we spent new year's at my parents' in my hometown. it was fun - lots of singing, esp my youngest brother martin and my dad. they say that when more than two people from carinthia (the federal state i come from) get together, it won't be long before they start singing. *G* anyone not familiar with the gabriels might have been a little intimidated ... *L* and no, don't worry, i am not providing any sound files, only pictures. here are a few.

me & my silly "little" brother martin

martin and my granny at midnight

mom & dad at midnight

me & sepp looking at pictures

martin, sepp & me

is my dad drunk, or is it everybody else?

me very late at night

me & my crown :)

* * * * *

went to the open mic last friday, met up for a chat with sylvia before it began. met some new people. i read the final letter of the collaboration project, and an abecedarian - A Ladies' Guide to Writing the Love Poem. people seemed to especially like the abecedarian. :) there was some exceptionally good performance poetry, in both german and english. i'm quite determined to go again in february.

* * * * *

i finished another 30 days of poetry yesterday - which means i have been writing a poem a day for 120 consecutive days. madmadmad. not sure i will continue. it has been exceptionally tough lately, and i feel a bit burned out.

latest poems:
day 112 - you nude girl folding your arms
day 113 - eleven reasons why love was inevitable and she wants to marry him
day 114 - You Watch the Sunset and Find Twenty-Seven Ways ... (a cherylian)
day 115 - New Year's Eve (Sonnenizio on a Line from C S Lewis)
day 116 - She Makes A Cup of Tea, Muses About the Whiteness of the Three-Quarter Moon ... (a cherylian)
day 117 - He Loves A Good Egg Salad Sandwich For Lunch ... (a cherylian)
day 118 - Without You (Sonnenizio on a Line from Neruda)
day 119 - Sonnenizio on a Line from Neruda (The night turns on its invisible wheels. ...)
day 120 - The Man Who Found A Portal To My Bedroom (an abecedarian)

nothing for the periodic table series, but the sonnenizio fever and abecedarianitis continue.

* * * * *

i went to see gudrun and her new baby boy jakob today - he was born on 30 december. here are a few pics of the little man (and me):

song of the day: prospettiva nevski by alice.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007


my poem a driving instructor has a recurring nightmare - which was written with a certain ms ang in mind, of course - is now up at eclectica. :)

said ms ang has a couple of poems in this issue as well: here and here.


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song of the day: oho vorarlberg by reinhold bilgeri & michael köhlmeier