Monday, October 24, 2005

bugged, creative, relaxed

that silly bug bothered me too much to be able to go to the conference on the weekend. :( i would have liked to hear some of the speakers, but what can you do. it was lovely to hear from one of my old celta buddies that her and the other celta people helping out had missed me! awwww!

i slept a lot on saturday after a rather sleepless night, but managed to come up with some poetry.

yesterday we went for a walk in the afternoon, it was lovely. had to go and vote as well, elections in vienna. disappointed at the 15% for the FPOE, the freedom party, but other results were encouraging. more poetry later in the day, more rules, including "a man's guide to winning a woman's heart" - something all (wo)mankind has been waiting for. *G*

i am sending out submissions too, we'll see what comes of those.

today, back at work - it is a short week due to the public holiday on wednesday. yay! things are going well there, even though access is mind-bogglingly boring. *yawn* went for a walk in the afternoon, what else could one possibly do in such lovely weather? what could beat sitting in the sunshine on the edge of town, surrounded by meadows, blue ponds, trees dipped in yellows and reds, the sun shining in my face, richard hawley's voice in my ears ... aaaahhh!! bliss!

song of the day, song of the weekend, too: "devil in the details" by the walkabouts:

The future is a slow retreat
The future is a muscle you don't have

Friday, October 21, 2005

sunny days, more rules, unpleasant bugs

waaah!! how time flies. it keeps amazing me. feeling a little under the weather at the moment, especially today. there's this stomach flu bug going around, and i have been feeling sick all day, stomach aching. no fun. was supposed to help out at a conference, but cancelled for today, not sure i am going tomorrow though the workshops we can sit in on do sound interesting and i would love to catch up with two of my old CELTA buddies in between - not to mention the opportunity to speak english!

the week's been okay though - fair bit of work, still teaching the group of senior citizens who are really getting into ms word now. they are so excitable - in a good way, and in a not-so-good way. some of them asked if i was going to teach the internet class in november, but it doesn't look like it. still, it is nice to know that people appreciate my classes and would like to spend more time with me. *G*

have spent many hours with pen in hand or in front of the screen writing poetry. have sent out a few submissions as well. am on day 11 of my second 30/30 round, i cannot believe it. have finished the rules for all months, and am writing up guidelines for situations of all sorts now - thank you to bo who's fed me a few ideas i really like. ever wondered how to behave in someone else's dream? well - you can stop wondering and simply ask me. *G*

writing so much, and working occasionally in between *L*, means that i have been neglecting my correspondence - sorry everyone. i am trying to catch up. i will some day. i know it. ah, consultation with my diary and several complicated formulae in my spreadsheets tells me that this happy day will be in the year 2376.

i did manage to meet up with gudrun and her family last weekend, though. sepp and i were invited for dinner on saturday - my first proper meal of the week! yes, chocolate fondue DOES qualify as a proper meal. the wine was lovely too. gudi, go to styria more often, if that is what you bring back! :)

october has been beautiful this year - it's been sunny for ages. weather changed today, but they say the grey skies will clear up again, no more drizzle on the weekend, and temperatures up to 18°C! wow! two years ago, we had the first snow of the season on the 25th.

movie tip: swedish film "så som i himmelen" (as it is in heaven). got it on dvd from lotta (thanks!) and watched it in swedish (okay, with english, subtitles, but i understood quite a bit, honestly!). it is beautiful. trust me.

song of the day - feist's (yes she who signed my bag!) "mushaboom". it is the perfect "cosy song" for a day like this. again, trust me.

Friday, October 14, 2005

game, set, match

this was my tennis week. i went to stadthalle on monday, tuesday, and wednesday, and saw tim henman, carlos moya, david nalbandian, sebastien grosjean, gaston gaudio, a few austrians, and others play. some good tennis, some bad tennis. unfortunately carlos moya lost in round two yesterday, and sebastien in round one, so i decided not to go again - my faves are out.

it was almost a shame to spend so much time indoors, what with this splendid autumn weather! it's still so warm - i did not even wear socks on tuesday, it was looooooovely, sunny, 20C!

teaching's going well, i particularly enjoyed my english class yesterday.

i am amazed that i am still writing every day - i even managed to come up with a daily poem while at the tennis! i love this creativity. have gone into round two of a-poem-per-day, we'll see how that goes.

have sunk so low as to try bribing mr hawley with beer samples just to get him to come to austria. i can't, after all, stay a kaizers groupie forever. i heard that element of crime tickets are going on sale tomorrow, sooo ... vienna and munich or just vienna? decisions, decisions ...

funny to be at home that early in the afternoon, actually. i never got home before 10 the last few days. weekend plans: dinner at gudrun's (possibly my first proper meal of the week! hooray for friends!), a little bit of work, some fresh air, reading, writing, sleep. i hope.

haven't really got the song of the day yet, but i am very much in the mood for belle & sebastian:

Dear Catastrophe Girlfriend
Dear Catastrophe Girlfriend
I’m sorry if he hit you with a full can of Coke
oh and look at this for a bit of fun: georgie - you can move him with your mouse! *G*

Monday, October 10, 2005

monday sucks, rules rule, and a reason to celebrate!

monday again. not my day today either. kind of tired, a bit listless, slight headache (must be the warm wind), dizzyish. students were all tired today as well, and did not pay attention as well as on other days.

went for a walk and shopping after work, simply felt like it. bought a shirt, a cardigan, and a lovely light green/white anorak for winter, even though that seems a long way off on beautiful, sunny autumn days like today.

off to the tennis then, first of - probably - three days at the stadthalle, ba-ca tennis trophy. didn't really get into it, it was rather quiet (apart from the ever noisy kids who get in for free on kids day - *i* get in for free tomorrow, ladies day!), and not my favourite players, but there was some good tennis, and i stayed till 9.15pm. i needed fresh air really badly!

i have written more rules - rules rule is the motto of the month! am on to rules of conduct for every month of the year now. people keep suggesting a chapbook, and i am not exactly averse to that idea. AND AND!!! i completed my first round of 30/30 - a poem per day for one month!! HOORAY! and i cannot even celebrate - i am all alone, still with a slight headache. but .. ah, sod it, eh, maybe i should just open a small bottle of bubbly and toast myself?! never thought i'd last that long on the challenge. i love creating something every day, though i will be hard pressed for time in the near future. i guess i'll take it a day at a time.

speaking of poetry - received my friend annette's chapbook in the mail today, and look forward to spending some time with it tomorrow.

oh oh oh and - richard hawley, the latest addition to my FPA (frequently played artists) has replied to my post at his website's forum (i assume it is really him not just someone from management)!! i asked when he'd come to austria - he said no plans. sob. am spreading the word about him. he deserves it. (will you come and play in austria now, richard hawley? *L*)

song of the day - definitely, most definitely "you don't miss your water". yes. again. cheating, you say? if not that, then the magic numbers - "love me like you". perfect little gem of a happy song. (they hosted an "our favourite videos" kind of show on austrian tv yesterday and proved they have great taste in music btw!)

so far so good.

Saturday, October 08, 2005

50+, A1+, and lots of rules

it's not only my muse who's working hard these days, i've had a busy week as well. on monday i spent over 4 hours writing and revising poetry - in the course of the week i have completed my set of "rules of conduct" for every day of the week. i'm quite happy with the outcome, and have now started working on rules for every month of the year. so that means another 12 poems, we'll see how it goes. am only two poems away from completing the 30/30 challenge at the forum. i never thought i'd last that long! will try to find some time to submit to magazines soon, and i would love to publish another little book ... *dreamy eyes*

apart from creative work, i taught nearly 28 hours this week: my regular class every morning, but also two new classes. i am teaching computer basics (windows, data management, word) to a group of 9 students who are over 50 (and some of them are well over 50) twice a week throughout october, every tuesday and thursday afternoon. they pay for their class, and are highly motivated. it takes a lot of patience on my part, a few of them have never switched on a computer before, or held a mouse in their hands, so i have to teach that as well. it's not easy to try and put yourself in the position of someone who has no idea what to do with a mouse! and even if they have seen it used by others, that is such a different thing from actually using it themselves. they're quite sweet though, my "oldies". so grateful for everything they learn, too.

my english level A1+ class started on thursday, 11 students were there, two more are on the list. that's good. i like relatively big classes, because i can have them work in pairs, in groups of three and four, and between them, they know so much more than on their own, or in small groups. a few familiar faces, from my june A1 class, but many new students. it was quite a nice first lesson. we have 75 minutes each week - i'd rather teach 100 or 120 minutes, really, but that's not up to me, those weekly classes are all the same.

thursday is now my monster day - teaching from 8.30-12.30, then from 1-4pm, again from 6-7.15pm, and then i have my swedish class. i was rather tired (in my head, rather than physically) by then. the swedish class is small, i have the same teacher as last year, christina, there are two new students, we're ladies only. i actually managed to remember a few things, and i am sure i will learn a lot this semester. no excuses for not showing up, since i am at the school anyway, teaching until 7.15.

the weather's been lovely, and warm, even around 20°C! i could not really enjoy it though, because of all the classes, and a meeting yesterday afternoon. perhaps tomorrow, we'll see.

am pretty pissed off that rafael nadal won't be playing at the BA-CA tennis trophy next week. he kept changing his mind, i found his behaviour pretty unprofessional and immature, but what can you do. anyway, he's not playing, but i am still going to watch as much tennis as i can next week. hope to catch a match of carlos moya *drool* and sebastien grosjean so i can tell my friend rachael i saw him live too!

song of the day, another one by richard hawley who makes me fall in love with him (oh well, his voice) again and again: "you don't miss your water". go buy his albums. now.

Monday, October 03, 2005

autumn, work, and a hyperactive muse

i didn't realise just HOW lucky i was until bo told me that my temporary norwegian sex god mr kaizer had NOT taken off half his clothes at the munich concert. ha! anyway, speaking of music: element of crime's new album is out, and i think i will have to buy it asap. they won't play any concerts here before march - a loooong winter wait. romantik! (romance, that is, for those of you who do not speak german. *L*)

it's autumn now, for good. a drizzly grey day today, pretty much like yesterday, though saturday was mostly splendid - picture book sky, those delightfully intense colours, autumn at its best.

done some prep work over the last few days, for english and for the additional computer class that my friedn wolfgang has talked me into. i'll be teaching students aged 50+ twice a week throughout october, windows basics and some ms word. that will keep me busy on tuesday and thursday afternoons. thursdays will be mad from now on anyway: classes from 8.30-12.30, then from 1pm-4pm, english from 6pm-7.20pm, and swedish from 7.30pm until about 8.45. does that make it sound like a loooong day? *G*

my muse has been verrrrry co-operative, and i have almost forgiven her for her long absence and sporadic appearances earlier this year. yesterday i wrote not only one poem, but TWO! it took me forever to go to sleep, because all sorts of ideas kept popping up. am working on a series of "rules of conduct" for every day of the week, and am contemplating an extra series for men's rules (using the current one as girls' rules). it's very tongue-in-cheek, this series. trust me. i've got 8 poems to go on the 30/30 forum. wish me luck!

fell in love with a todd goldman lithograph yesterday after a friend had brought this artist to my attention. that particular painting had me in stitches for a while. follow the link! :)

music: lots of richard hawley, madrugada, holly golightly, lucky jim, element of crime, goldfrapp - and kaizers. favourite track: blitzregn baby! turn up the volume and dance!