Thursday, September 18, 2008


a murder, motivated by hunger, witnessed today around lunchtime in vienna's 2nd district (click to enlarge):

misumena vatia

song of the day: little yellow spider by devendra banhart.

Sunday, September 14, 2008


no, the carinthian mountain spirits have not whisked me away, nor have i emigrated to some lonely hut high up in the alps, but i did stay with my family longer than i had planned, from monday till sunday last week. the weather was wonderful, and i was actually able to relax and leave work behind me for most of the days, although i did sit down to translate a little every night.

on our balcony

on tuesday we did a rather short hike from weissensee's eastern end. that lake is just soooo beautiful, no matter how many times i have seen it, i am still in love with it. sad news: a 68 year old german fell down a 50m drop and hit a rock with his head. passengers on a passing boat saw the accident and came to the rescue together with a local fisherman. they reanimated the german and took him to the nearest pier where a helicopter picked him up a while later. he died in hospital two days later though. and here is the spooky thing - i am pretty sure i have a picture of the guy. the description fits, and the picture was taken before the steepest part about ten minutes before the accident ...

here grow cows

on wednesday, we drove to kölnbreinsperre (a dam) and from there hiked along the reservoir to osnabrücker hütte, another easy tour. it was gorgeous. the marmots were noisy, and we even saw a few, already fattened up pretty well for winter. it was rather hot, and on the way back my mom and i bathed our tired feet in icy water (and i mean icy, not just cold) - aaaah!

since my mom had to work on thursday, my dad and i went off alone, taking the chairlift to blutige alm (innerkrems). it was incredibly windy on the lift, but it got quite warm on our way to the little lakes called anderleseen, though it looked rather dark in the direction we took. once we were at the lakes, the wind really picked up and it got so cold that my hands were freezing.

baby donkey (1 month old) at blutige alm

not very nice conditions for a cosy picnic, so we did not stop for long and walked down to willihütte where it was calm and actually quite hot. ah, bliss! sitting in the sunshine, quiet all around, only bees buzzing and birds singing ...

lunch break for butterflies

my mom also works fridays, so it was a father & daughter tour again that day: from thomannbaueralm (innernöring) we reached our first peak of the day: rabenkofel.

it was lovely and warm, but the higher we got, the windier it was, and by the time we reached the second peak, stileck, the wind was almost as strong as the previous day and it was way too cold and windy to sit down and eat up there. we found a sheltered spot a little further down on the way to langnock and rested for a while. langnock was the third peak and from there it was all downhill - though only as far as our path was concerned; the sun was out again, and it wasn't as windy anymore. the cows eyed us suspiciously, the butterflies danced and the bees buzzed, the ants kept themselves busy and the birds chirped happily. dad and i took a lot of photos on the way to lamprechthütte, where we had some of their delicious reindling (a traditional carinthian cake)

healthy carinthian meal

and talked to the owners for a while before our last half hour walk back to the car.

hungry pig munching on my dad's apple & frothing at the mouth

rude austrian cow

saturday was my lazy day - chatting with my brother and my granny, enjoying the sunshine, and just a small dose of work.

for more pics, see my flickr album.

back in vienna, i went back to my job-coaching classes in the afternoons, things are very quiet there. i was relieved to hear that it was okay for me to teach the most advanced english class starting on the 22nd instead of the beginners class starting on the 15th, because it gives me more time for the translation. speaking of which - we still have not received the electronic file, but i am nearly done with the translation of the text (only 10 pages to go now, then the footnotes for which the electronic file would be very handy) anyway!

autumn has arrived: it was hot until thursday, a little cooler on friday, and yesterday it was obvious that while it might still be warm until well into october, there will be no more heat. the light is getting more beautiful by the day and i look forward to some picture-hunting whenever time permits.

song of the day: water to sky by thea gilmore.