Monday, October 03, 2005

autumn, work, and a hyperactive muse

i didn't realise just HOW lucky i was until bo told me that my temporary norwegian sex god mr kaizer had NOT taken off half his clothes at the munich concert. ha! anyway, speaking of music: element of crime's new album is out, and i think i will have to buy it asap. they won't play any concerts here before march - a loooong winter wait. romantik! (romance, that is, for those of you who do not speak german. *L*)

it's autumn now, for good. a drizzly grey day today, pretty much like yesterday, though saturday was mostly splendid - picture book sky, those delightfully intense colours, autumn at its best.

done some prep work over the last few days, for english and for the additional computer class that my friedn wolfgang has talked me into. i'll be teaching students aged 50+ twice a week throughout october, windows basics and some ms word. that will keep me busy on tuesday and thursday afternoons. thursdays will be mad from now on anyway: classes from 8.30-12.30, then from 1pm-4pm, english from 6pm-7.20pm, and swedish from 7.30pm until about 8.45. does that make it sound like a loooong day? *G*

my muse has been verrrrry co-operative, and i have almost forgiven her for her long absence and sporadic appearances earlier this year. yesterday i wrote not only one poem, but TWO! it took me forever to go to sleep, because all sorts of ideas kept popping up. am working on a series of "rules of conduct" for every day of the week, and am contemplating an extra series for men's rules (using the current one as girls' rules). it's very tongue-in-cheek, this series. trust me. i've got 8 poems to go on the 30/30 forum. wish me luck!

fell in love with a todd goldman lithograph yesterday after a friend had brought this artist to my attention. that particular painting had me in stitches for a while. follow the link! :)

music: lots of richard hawley, madrugada, holly golightly, lucky jim, element of crime, goldfrapp - and kaizers. favourite track: blitzregn baby! turn up the volume and dance!

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