Wednesday, September 28, 2005

noise! fun! kaizers!

janove ottesen might not be the sexiest name under the sun. but, by god, at least tonight "mr kaizer" is my new scandinavian sex god. (sorry, guys. bo - i know this must be especially hard for you, because after all it was you who introduced us, so to speak).

so how many times have you been to a norwegian concert? if you haven't ever been, it's about time you went. i just got back from the kaizers orchestra concert at szene wien. i've got two words for you: f***ing brilliant. one of the best live shows i've ever been to. and i'd follow them on to munich and beyond if i could, and turn into a groupie for, say, a fortnight or so. "mr kaizer" is, after all, my new sex god. it's frustrating then, that it was not him but another band member, who declared he wanted to have sex with ... no, no, sorry: make love to the audience. then again, i could start with him, and take it from there. *L* (in case you are wondering, i had not a drop of alcohol, smoked no illegal substances; i'm high on kaizers!)

i was not in a concert-going mood tonight, feeling a bit under the weather, bit of a temperature, tired. but hey, what better way to cure all that than some very odd, very impressive, very fun, very musically interesting show? i'd heard that they're a great live band, and while they are good on cd, they truly are amazing live. it's fun to watch these guys at work - they seem to enjoy it a lot as well. i love when bands or singers interact with their audience, i cannot stand completely choreographed shows that are the exact same in london, vienna, berlin, and for all you know the band or singer could be alone practising for lack of interaction or recognition. not with kaizers and their sex god of a singer. *G*

they talk, they ask questions, they joke and fool around. and of course they play their strange mix of norwegian polka (ompa), rock, blues, eastern european folk music (at least occasionally, you do feel tempted to cross your arms, start dancing traditional russian dance and shout "kalinka!"), pop and several other ingredients. and they play it well. they've got some unusual instruments on stage with them to produce a lot of noise (metal bars, lids, etc), and you just have to see what they do to them to believe it - and they seem to celebrate that. they audience love them a little more for it. the concert was a mix of older songs (ompa til du dør, evig pint, bak et halleluja, ...) from previous albums and stuff off the new cd, "maestro" (delikatessen, maestro, ...).

i find it quite impressive that a band can hold the audience's attention (and more than just that) like that when nobody understands more than perhaps a couple of words they are singing! not bad. not bad at all.

what more is there to say? oh, funny costumes, too, some of them. take the guy with the towel on his head (not for the whole show, of course). the gas mask. mr ottesen, my scandinavian sex god, he wore suit and tie in the beginning, and no shirt at all in the end. well, for the second half of the concert, really. woo-hoo! AND he made very sexy dance moves at times. *rrrr*

ah i think i have to go to bed now, it's 20 past midnight and it's not like i don't have to get up in the morning and go to work. i'll just listen to "mr kaizer, hans constanse og meg" one last time.

no need to ask about the song of the day - it's got to be something norwegian. *la la laaaaa*

before i go - here's the link to the kaizers orchestra website. oh, and did i mention that mr janove ottesen kaizer is my new ... ?

good night!

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