Sunday, April 06, 2008

café kafka

as promised - pics of the latest open mic at café kafka (friday, 04 april). my new - and very brave - friend valerio decided to come along, and what's even better: he did not regret it afterwards!

i read what is the sound of one hand clapping?, and one of the letters from small confessions & pebbles of regret. cristina, the special guest from mexico, asked me to read the german translations of two poems for her, so there was a first for me - reading in german! we took tons of photos, i loved hillary keel's poem about istanbul, and martin aka homemade gordon banks is just the bestest mc ever. especially in spanish. :)

the reading part was over around 11.45, and then we stayed to chat with some of the regulars, and the newly-weds ruth & bruno dropped in ... and i did not get home until 2 am!

martin, bestest mc in the whole wide ... erm, wien?

blurry but having fun: valerio & i

hillary & harold

happiness has a name: ruth & bruno, the newlyweds

valerio has a laugh

two lovely ladies - ruth & i

more pictures on my flickr page .

song of the day: madagascar by gogol bordello.

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