Sunday, January 11, 2009

poetry reviews and hello 2009

it was lovely to see that even though i had been so silent, i still have some blog readers - thanks for your notes, everyone! :)

heinz, being a true sportsman, did the run around the ring on 31 december - about 5 km, and he was quite happy with the time. i was *not* there to do the cheerleader thing ... ;)

back home after the run

so, 2009. heinz and i had a cosy new year's eve at home - cooking dinner, eating, watching some tv, drinking homemade punsch, cuddling up on the sofa, dinner for one on tv, a waltz & champagne at midnight, watching the fireworks all around ... and on the 1st we got up to watch the traditional new year's concert by the vienna philharmonic orchestra, this year conducted by daniel barenboim.

first h&m pic 2009

it hasn't been as cold in vienna as in many other parts of europe, and we have not had much snow either - but i don't miss snow in the city. late one night (around 01.30 am) we went for a walk in the freshly fallen snow - a bit crazy, yes, but fun. :)

people with hats on

lights in the park

houses shrink in the cold

where is receiver?

today we walked around the prater (an old amusement park in vienna), in about 2 cm of snow, and it got quite chilly after a while, but not too chilly to take lots of pictures - i have not edited them yet, but will soon.

unfortunately my english classes won't start until 26 january, but maybe i can start working on an additional project before then. we'll see. while i don't mind the free time, i DO mind not getting paid.

as promised, christopher george reviewed my chapbook the secret meanings of greek letters and alex stolis's and my collaboration chapbook small confessions and pebbles of regret for the winter issue of the loch raven review. thanks to chris for taking the time to read and review - i am quite chuffed.

ps: lots of christmas pics on flickr!

song of the day: all this time by maria mena.


amishra said...

Really soothing to read a nice, happy blog.

Thank you.

amishra said...

and i just figured out- it's an year old entry!! O_O