Tuesday, January 27, 2009

flued to my bed for a week

so the flu laid me low for a while - fever peaked at 39.5C (102F) tuesday night. so much for spending my last week off filing, preparing, cleaning, and socialising! the only one i socialised with, besides my hot water bottle sheep, was my fabulous nurse heinz, though i am sure he has seen me more entertaining than last week. i certainly hope so. *suddenly worried*

of course i could not go to the badeschiff for the obama inauguration party, but i was told that a hundred people asked for me (harold might have been exaggerating just a tad), and that it was a great night.

as soon as i was up to it, i started watching lots of the australian open, and i have seen some terrific matches, both women's and men's. i've been reading more neil gaiman (coraline, stardust) and david foster wallace. i have not written any new poetry, and photography was not quite as intriguing between the sweaty sheets as elsewhere.

it's back to work tomorrow - finally. nathan and hanna subbed for me yesterday and today respectively, and apparently i have a really nice group. i look forward to meeting them.

i've acquired tickets for two events later this year: accordion tribe @ konzerthaus in april, and bruce springsteen @ ernst happel stadium in july - i'll see the boss for the 4th time then!

and here's vienna's strongest baby girl - livia malina horowitz, second to none (except perhaps pippi longstocking):

song of the day: don't think twice it's alright by indigo girls & joan baez.

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