Monday, August 11, 2008

it's monday ...

and i overslept. and was out the door within 15 minutes, because for once my hair did not stick up in all directions. boring admin stuff most of the morning. yawwwwwn.

met my friend birgit for much-needed girl talk and just-as-much-needed ice cream. :)
yesterday, much-needed and long-awaited girl talk with my friend sabine. exchanging dating stories is actually quite fun.

men are weird. unreliable, too. cowards. and did i mention, weird? yes. well. but someone told me yesterday that he's been stood up by girls a few times lately, so it must be the fashion.

this - the sun, the moon - was something i enjoyed in the company of a reliable and just-the-right-kind-of-weird man last wednesday (click to enlarge):

no poetry. but one acceptance from a zine i had long given up on.

and hey, the sun is shining, and my hair is newly hennaed.

song of the day: wildwood flower by emmylou harris & iris dement.


Collin said...

Gorgeous photos.

michi said...

you know, collin, that i am only posting them to lure you over here ...


Tilt Press said...

Michi, gosh, your pictures are just getting more and more beautiful! and, apparently, so is your hair!!!!!!!!!

michi said...

thanks, ms tilt! ;)
you'll have to come over here some time and check out lovely vienna! (not to mention lovely me *lol*)