Sunday, July 27, 2008

guys (yet again) & poems

okay, so there *are* still some nice guys out there, it seems. met one of them just now. and one of the "bad" guys has apologized in the meantime. so. i am inclined to believe in man-kind again. at least a little. ;)

yesterday i finished a poem i had begun in april, and i revised another one. they seem finished to me, although after all these months of not writing, i am a bit uncertain. but i am thrilled that i managed to write a few lines and not be utterly unhappy with them. here are a few lines from [metamorphosis]:

2 a.m. and the night is still digging
in its pockets for a slice of moon

clouds shift uneasily, as if for a moment
all the world unfolded their hands

someone learns that a hair on a blue pillow
can trigger a silence in the trees


have not been feeling too great the last few days, i suppose that's not such a big surprise after the cold and rainy spell we had. today i went for a walk though, at the new jewish section of central cemetery. i saw two deer - yes, in broad daylight, and not too far from the entrance!

still excited about leonard cohen - my brother martin will come to vienna for the occasion, too, yay! :)

song of the day: ever fallen in love by thea gilmore.

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