Friday, March 07, 2008

this girl

this girl is still sick. but right now she is smiling anyway. because someone made her. :)

this girl is also trying to come up with clever answers to nic sebastian's 10 questions on publication. so far, kristy bowen, reginald shepherd, carolyn guinzio and nate pritts have answered.

this girl received kristy odelius's bee spit in the mail and is looking forward to reading it.

this girl would like to congratulate suzanne frischkorn on the publication of her american flamingo!

this girl is hoping to be well enough to go to the open mic tomorrow night.

song of the day: sonnet by the verve.


Nic Sebastian said...

Hope you feel better soon.

Looking forward to those clever answers!

Best, Nic

michi said...

i'll do my best, nic! ;)

Anonymous said...

this girl hopes that girl feels better soon: prescribes more flirting as curative!

michi said...

this girl says - no problem! :)
although, this girl must add, it would be even more fun if that guy were not ill now ... *s*

long live girls!

m xx

Liz said...

Hey Michi, hope you are over the worst of your sickness...maybe a little poetry would fight it off : ) We are missing you in you have time to join us - there is a very interesting gathering ; )


michi said...

you are a darling! i bet you are having waaay too much fun over at ITWS to even notice i am not there! :)

i have not written more than five, six lines since september, liz. it is beginning to really bother me, but i have tried a few things to lure the muses back, and nothing seems to work. :(

also, i will be working around 70 hrs per week for the next six weeks or so, which leaves little time.

i miss you though, ITWS bunch!

hugs, mxx

Anonymous said...

this girl wants you to come around the bend, when the schedule allows: i'll be there in the sick ward (loopy lane) just waiting for you. it's infectious, my dear, seethingly viral and all.

now then: i wonder just how the young man came to be privy to that particular *bug*