Sunday, March 16, 2008

saturday night girl

what is this girl doing on a saturday night? partying? going on a date? watching a film? relaxing? nope.

this girl seems to be in some sort of cleaning frenzy. it started with the putting away of the wedding stuff the other weekend, and has not really stopped since: today after turning the kitchen into a green-tinted battlefield (aka baking green muffins and cookies for st patrick's day class), i did not just do the dishes and such, but scrubbed and wiped and washed etc the kitchen into this uncannily clean place.

while thus engaged, i found out why people do not clean behind fridges: it is simply too dangerous. i cut my finger quite badly and bled like the proverbial piggy. i've also got scratches on both arms to prove i have been busy, and i am not even mentioning the state of my fingernails.

yesterday evening, i repotted plants and rearranged things in the lounge room and the bedroom, which is no longer the disaster zone it used to be for about ten days (and i am even thinking of moving back in there - still camped on the sofa). i swear it has not been this clean since i moved in. *g* i am becoming more and more like my mother lately ... time for worry mode! :D

but all this cleaning - i actually think it's more some sort of CLEANSING than mere spring-cleaning. it is a throwing out of old stuff, a making room for new stuff. it's like moulting. things are definitely moving. and i think they are moving in a good direction. i haven't been this happy with my looks in ages. i am feeling bouncy for more than just a few hours at a time. and i was both surprised and pleased on wednesday when valerio said i come across as really confident. and some day, some day i am even going to write poetry again, i am sure.

what with the baking and cleaning, i completely forgot to eat - a slice of cold pizza, one greenish muffin and a couple of cookies was all i had to eat today! or yesterday, really.

but i am quite pleased now. i almost don't mind anymore that there was no-one to go out with tonight. ;)

* * * * *

and now for something completely different:

i just finished reading into the wild. have not seen the film yet, but i had to order it on dvd anyway, because i want to use it in class. the book was good enough to make me buy krakauer's into thin air straight away.

i received my two contributor copies of foursquare - looking nice, right? my poem is symmetros - upper left.

and more copies of the secret meanings of greek letters have arrived - i hope to sell some of those at the lit fest in a month's time.

i am in love with the song of the day (off the fantastic grey's anatomy soundtrack), and with this:

check out v's website. it's worth it. i guess this guy is going to have to design my someday book cover ...

song of the day: breathe by anna nalick.

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