Friday, January 18, 2008

two cds and another chapbook!

what could be nicer than coming home on a friday afternoon - a bit tired and braindead after this week, especially the 9.5 hrs of teaching yesterday - to find nic-mail in the mailbox?! yes, that means the wait is over and i have got ms nicole cartwright-denison's recovering the body in my hands, plus i will soon have "her" music in my ears. thanks, sweetness!

song of the day: portions for foxes by rilo kiley.


Anonymous said...

~*~tingles~*~ with thoughts of yo hands all over my body!

and the talkin leads to...
and the touchin leads to...

as rod said it best: do ya think i'm sexxxy?!

yeah, baby: i'm bad news!

x's and oh!s
nix of the chix

michi said...

*lol* naughty nic! :)

i've always loved that song ... it's so ... me, i guess. :))

thanks again, chickwife. :)