Tuesday, January 08, 2008

press 1 ...

... and you'll get to read poetry and prose! the brand-new issue contains my mini-series of three poems, stills 1-3: collision, equinox, and ties. i'm happy to be part of the zine!

* * *

the not quite so good news concerns my medication: my doctor and i decided that i am going to a) try herbal medicine in addition to the 75mg of trittico at night, because i have had trouble falling asleep (and if that does not work, more trittico), and b) take one and a half sertralin for a week, then two (instead of the one i have been on for weeks). he said i should be feeling less anxious by now, so we'll have to increase the dosage. i had expected it after the look on his face when i last saw him. so, this will probably mean feeling sick again every morning. what fun.

song of the day: the blower's daughter by damien rice.


Arlene said...

hey, you just beat me to it, mop-up!

hope you don't feel too sick and that the herbal stuff helps somewhat. what are you taking? my mom used to take a homeopathic concoction for sleeping which worked fine until the pains began.


Ruahines said...

Kia ora Michi,
I read your poems and felt a shiver as if recalling I too have been there. Very cool.
I have found the fear of being alone is far easier than being with someone for the wrong reasons, or it all being too unbalanced. As you wrote on my blog, keep loving yourself, maybe a little more each day. You seem like a special, talented, and giving woman. Love yourself and love will find you. Kia kaha.

Liz said...

Hi Michi,

Hope you are feeling better and in tip-top form. Have just read your poems in Press 1 - fantastic stuff. Congrats.


michi said...

arlene - the herbal ones are called hova (hop & valerian). what makes me feel nauseous is the sertralin (zoloft).

thanks robb - for stopping by, and for your kind words.

liz - you are a sweetie, thanks. *hug*


Anonymous said...

moonnonny: i keep pressing the 1, this c(series)ycle. *swoon*
hope all's well: and it will be. as soon as the recovery process sets in...
as soon as there's much booty-shaking & fist-waving. *mesipop*

herbie & the leaves