Sunday, December 30, 2007


i am now officially addicted to scrabulous over at facebook. i finished three games yesterday, won the first, then got my butt kicked in the second, and just squeezed past my opponent in the third, even though i was well over 50 points behind at one point. yay! :) and now i am at it again. if you are on facebook and fancy a game, let me know.

alex and i received word from rubicon press that our chapbook is ready to be proofed. we still need a cover illustration, so i have asked my dad to send me some photos. i wish i had known this before christmas, then i could have gone through his tons of photos myself.

and here are a couple of pics of me with gudrun's jakob who is one year old today. happy birthday!

first two pics taken by gudrun.

song of the day: nail in the sky by howe gelb.

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Arlene said...

love the christmas pics, mooooonster.

thanks for the chapbox! saw it when i came home. the poems are fab.

wish you all the best for 2008 — i've got a moooooo e-card just for you somewhere... let me dig it up. would you believe that sugarqube has closed down?!! no more ultra-gross e-cards for me to send my ultra-gross friends. **boohooo**