Thursday, December 27, 2007

december's different colours

purple angel

purple people

mosaic candle

blue moon

green door, what's that secret you're keepin'

snow crystals


more pics on flickr

song of the day: white flag by dido.


Bebe said...


I hope you had a Merry Christmas, I love your photos, especaily the purple angel and the blue moon. I will check out your flickr, I have been thinking about starting one.
For Christmas my family gave me a new camera, and I am anxious to get outdoors with it. My cats are tired of being subjects, and we are early out of leftover Turkey, I have been paying their sitting fee with.

Wishing you A Happy New Year

Bebe said...


I am goofy, not early, already.
I must of not had enough coffee.

:) brenda

michi said...

thanks for stopping by, brenda! :)

yes, do start a flickr! i need to upload more photos actually, have not uploaded most of my cemetery pics ...

and happy new year too!

and i know i owe you mail. :)


Ivy said...

That mosaic candle is gorgeous.

[Goodness, this word verification is ridiculous! 'ozqmkyoh' ferchrissakes! :-) ]

michi said...

ivy, perhaps you can try and use the word @ scrabulous! :)

and thanks!