Sunday, November 11, 2007

"Sleeping is giving in / no matter what the time is"

what an excellent concert! the arcade fire really are a brilliant live band, and i am glad i decided to treat myself to a concert ticket the moment i heard they'd be playing in vienna.

the funeral was such a great album, and neon bible is at least as good - so there was not a song over the course of nearly two hours that was only so-so, and that the audience did not love. i have been to quite a few concerts over the last years, and viennese crowds can be a bit lame sometimes, or hard to get going. that certainly was not a problem tonight.

the band members really put their heart and soul into their music. that might be most obvious in lead singer/songwriter win and multi-instrumentalist/singer régine (who sings and plays and dances with an intensity that makes everything seem to be a matter of life and death), but i am sure it is equally true for the rest of the band.

i haven't found the set list yet, but i'll edit this post when i have it. the only song that i waited for in vain, was crown of love. maybe next time.

a p.s. - two things i always marvel at when i go to concerts:

a) if people want to discuss their lives, and bitch about everyone they ever knew, why don't they stay at home and put the cd on instead of babbling throughout a concert?

b) man has flown to the moon. man has invented the internet. man has conquered illnesses. but nobody seems to have been able to figure out a functioning system for cloakrooms. anyone up for the challenge?

song of the day: rebellion (lies) by the arcade fire.

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Andrew Shields said...

For some people, going to a concert appears to be not primarily a musical experience. They are the kind of people who would never go to a concert alone.

I do not understand them either.