Monday, November 12, 2007


   And if the snow buries my,
   my neighborhood.
   And if my parents are crying
   then I'll dig a tunnel
   from my window to yours

-- The Arcade Fire, Neighborhood #1 (Tunnels)

song of the day: neighborhood #1 (tunnels) by the arcade fire.


Liz said...

A beauty of a photo Michi. Don't think I'll get to see the snow this year unless it strikes when I'm in Ireland in Feb. ; )


Anonymous said...

no way! oh, i'm envious. is this really recent? noooo.

so glad to read about your treat to the self and again, i'm SOOOO jealous.

thinking of you.

Sharon Hurlbut said...

Oooh, I adore this picture, Michi! First off, I love snow (though we don't get a lot around here, usually just one good storm a year), and secondly, there is something utterly appealing about this scene with the trees stretching off into the distance and not a soul on the street. Beautiful!

michi said...

thank you, ladies! :)

nic, i can't stand snow in the city - it was a wonderful couple of hours at the central cemetery, and before that, yes, but on the way back - it was already reduced to slush, and the rest looked brown rather than white.
but yes, it was last sunday - too soon. way too soon. i hope that was it for the season ... *lol*

sharon - actually, there *was* somebody there, which was why i took the pic - but you cannot see it in the small pic, only when you click to enlarge it - someone at the far end of the alley. the central cemetery is a beauty, no matter what time of the year.

m x

Anonymous said...

never good to be *slushy*. but, even for moment, it's wonderful. it gets that way here in the boonies, too. all grey and nasty by the roadside.

alas, we got a teaser yesterday... hopefully more will come.