Sunday, November 04, 2007

11 things that make a girl feel good

1) walking along alte donau, making friends with a couple of ducks

2) a loooong weekend (thursday a public holiday, friday off)

3) the response to my chapbook announcement

4) going to an open mic, meeting nice people, meeting fun people, meeting people who care

5) reading two poems and having people clap even in between the poems

6) getting incredibly wonderful feedback on the two poems, especially Open Letter to A Poet (thank you again, bob!)

7) a long walk around central cemetery in search of photos (coming soon!), enjoying the colours of leaves, the warm sunshine, and the fact that i am above the ground

8) new shoes

9) 10 euro in my paypal account (prize i won in the poetry super highway competition)

10) the fact that i seem to have repaired my washing machine. am i genius or am i a genius? i have never been so thrilled about an armful of damp clothes!

11) the fact that i appear to be able to afford some procrastination

back wall of beach cabin, alte donau

str/ange/l, central cemetery

new shoes

song of the day: perfectly normal whirring sounds by my washing machine.


Andrew Shields said...

If you ever start a band, please call it "My Washing Machine"!

SarahJane said...

great post, michi. love the photos, too.

Sara Kearns said...

hi michi!

'really like this post, and the first two photos are just *fab*
nice taste in shoes, too. ;)

guess what? i finally decided, "hmm, yeah, i knw i should, and hey, now i'm rally in the mood to do the 30:30 thing!" so, i was over at arlene ang's blog and happened to notice she had a link to 30:30, so i followed it, with plans of signing up, much in response to your wise nudging, and -- oh no! -- it said registration is now closed, and only open by invitation. hmmm. could you invite me? or is it some big nameless faceless industrial complex that has to approve my bona fides? *s*

more hoorays on the publication of your new chapbook,


Collin said...

I'm buying your chapbook as soon as I get home. :)