Wednesday, September 26, 2007

real live poets

real live poet #1:

sarah sloat, one of my ITWS poetry forum friends, was in vienna last week, so i lured her to my gingerbread house. we had never met before, but i certainly hope we'll meet again. we had time for pizza and red wine (thanks, sarah!), chatting about poetry, people, and life in general and in particular. at the end of the evening we even read each other some poetry.

here's a pic of us two poetry goddesses. not. :)

real live poet #2:

beat poet and jack kerouac school of disembodied poetics co-founder anne waldman was in vienna last week. she gave a reading on tuesday which i missed, because i was at the adam green concert, but on sunday morning i went to a performance she took part in: colors in the mechanism of concealment, a collaboration with musician pia palme. apart from waldman, the ensemble consisted of gina mattiello (voice), pia palme (bass recorder, electronics), bernd thurner (percussion), and clementine gasser (5-string cello). the performance was quite intense, and some parts really got to me in that they made me feel anxious and tense, but the blue chill-out part did calm me.

i bumped into a few people i know from readings / open mics, and went along to lunch with them, ms waldman, and three of the musicians.

here are a few pics of the performance:

song of the day: mannen i den vita hatten by kent.

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