Saturday, April 28, 2007

trim & slim

i was surprised to find TRIM, the mannequin envy anthology, in my mailbox yesterday; that was fast. i've read about one third of the poems, and i've got to say that jennifer van buren (editor) did an excellent job.

i went and bought myself a new mp3 player yesterday - my old one has been acting up, and i wanted more GB as well. this is my new toy:

slim & stylish, the samsung k3, isn't it? i spent ages uploading songs (and a few pictures), and the first song i listened to was regina spektor's fidelity. today, on shuffle, it was heather nova's let's not talk about love, followed by roy orbison & friends - dream baby. a few other songs it chose: heldenzeit by wir sind helden, i just don't know what to do with myself by the white stripes, bruce sringsteen's born to run, billy joel's if i only had the words and coldplay's acoustic version of yellow.

vienna's still hot. mannequin envy seem to have lost my latest submission. i wrote a poem called blue yesterday, and one tentatively called after the rift today. and you?

song of the day: dream baby by roy orbison & friends.


Liz said...

Hi Michi,

I've ordered the anthology as well and can't wait to get my hands on it : )

Very smooth-looking MP3 - I don't have one yet but maybe for the Summer -I'm all fingers and thumbs with technology at the moment - I just discovered that for the past 6 weeks or so I had been censoring the comments on my blog and have only just discovered all the comments awaiting my order for publication! - thanks for dropping by there Michi and sorry for appearing rude by not answering!

It's great that you're back writing again - I'm reading loads but can't write just now - am enjoying your 10:10 poems - keep it/them up. : )


dave said...

Hi michi,

I love the new sparkly look of your blogetty-website!

Congrats on the anthology, i'll have to order one.


Dave R

Collin said...

Love that MP3 player. I don't think we have those in the US yet. And thanks for the earlier shout out and vote for Poet Laureate of the Blogosphere.

michi said...

liz - personally, i think you can handle an mp3 player. *G*
i had been wondering though what was going on with your comments - but i thought you might have a reason why you did not want the comments to appear. have you found the button in your settings?

dave - hey, nice to see you around here! the anthology is really good, i can definitely recomment it. and i am not just saying that because i am in it. *L*

collin - it *is* quite cool, my new toy. i am quite happy with it. and i am sorry you did not make blog poet laureate this year. we'll have to nominate you again. you were my choice anyway.