Monday, October 09, 2006

where do i begin?

perhaps by patting myself on the back for finishing round VII over at 30:30 - since i last posted, i have added these poems to the list:

vii.22 - argon - south of io, eighteen minutes past three
vii.23 - hydrogen - girl, breathing in
vii.24 - arsenic - wikipedia entry for arlene ang
vii.25 - cobalt - the story of blue mondays and a three-quarter moon
vii.26 - nameless man with girl and dog
vii.27 - haiga (satellites)
vii.28 - arlene (from mrs m garbage's encyclopaedia austriaca)
vii.29 - nate (from mrs m garbage's mencyclopaedia austriaca)
vii.30 - mcclain (from mrs m garbage's mencyclopaedia austriaca)
as you can see, the madness continues. there are innuendoes flying around and certain vibes in the air over at the forum. it cannot be a coincidence that this started with the arrival of mr nathan mcclain. it's great fun there at the moment, and i am seriously thinking about doing another round (yes, erm. i know. call me nutcase.), even though i am having a very, very busy week (apart from the regular teaching, there are two afternoons at the atp tennis tournament, a book presentation, an EFL teachers' workshop, an open mic, and my first-ever poetry workshop - with john siddique - on saturday morning). i suppose i'd have time to scribble a few lines, but i am not so sure about the commenting - it's crowded at the forum!

i love doing these crazy imaginary-encyclopedia entries for the 30:30 round - perfect for my mad brain. and yes, armandine, i am going to record it. i just don't know whether i will post it on the blog. i am so *shy*. and you, dear reader, listen to army's recording of her michaela encyclopedia entry.

i have finished my collaboration poems with a) allie and b) mr innuendo (aka nate). it's been fun. now the poems don't win that contest, there's someone i can blame. :)

for some reason i seem to be getting married to angstine on the weekend, too. and all because she was not using her hearing-aid, when all i was saying was "give me your hand in the carriage". C-arriage! tsk. for the official invitation, click here, if you must.

it's been a sleepless few nights for me. possibly that huge harvest moon.

her, this morning, through glass.

after two nights with only 4 and just under 5 hours sleep respectively, i was getting really s-l-o-w and unfocused yesterday, kind of like a zombie on remote control (i imagine). wah. spoiled my sunday. also, am not feeling 100%. hope i won't become ill.

my english intensive class (monday evening) had to be cancelled, not enough students. wah. that sucks. i need money! the winter is coming! i'll have to go gather firewood, and then i will get lost in the forest and the big bad wolf will come and get me, and then what will i do? (okay. deep breaths.)

i forgot to say last week: if *you* are interested in swapping chapbooks with me, why don't you drop me a note?

our autumn is beautiful. i love it. my hair is newly cut and newly dyed. i love it.

me, this evening, through photoshop.

song of the day: borderline by madonna. i am retro these days.

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Arlene said...

yay! i want to hear that recording — i bet you can't beat the way i raved "revenge" in the end. and *shy*, my ass. you weren't so shy around nicaragua at 30:30 (and via e-mail) were you? i know what you both did.

am snickering over how you just wrote "huge harvest moon". i knew even before i read your haiga that there was something orgiastic about it.

i have your chapbook, you have my book... can we exchange chapped lips instead? i've got scabs on mine. what have you got to offer?